Sunday, April 01, 2012

Shout It Out Tour: Hanson Live in Manila

AKA that night when grown up teens came shrieking like it's '97 all over again.

Although I sincerely regret not going to their meet and greet session in SM North for a more personal encounter, watching them perform on stage was enough for me. Maswerte na di ba, not everyone (yung Hanson fans ha) are fortunate enough to catch Hanson play for their Filipino followers.

After all, when you strip off all that pretty faces, talent still comes first. And these boys are undeniably talented. Plus point na lang talaga na good looking sila.

This boy named Zachary Walker was my first foreign crush (bilang si RR Herrera ang aking first local crush!?!?), yung makabasag panaginip ba na crush. hahaha. Hindi ko kinaya ang mga close-ups ni manong cameraman sa fez nya, nakakapanghina!!!




I don't know how I can put my emotions into proper words. Basta sure ako I was one exceptionally, insanely, HAPPY girl that night and I dedicate that happiness to my 12-going-on-13 self from 15 years ago. Neng, nagkatotoo na ang pangarap mong makita - kahit sa malayo lang - at marinig silang kumanta, live.

I'm posting a couple of videos here from last night's concert as a remembrance. If Only was my personal favorite from their set, unfortunately my camera ran out of memory so I had to record that particular song using my phone, which lacks good quality that'll merit an upload, hence Where's the Love and A Minute Without You videos posted here instead (which are my 2nd and 3rd favorites respectively anyway).

PS: Just ignore our girly screams and side comments na lang :))

PPS: Taylor said they'll be back and if they ever do, us three - Jill and Juraine, friends I was with that night - pinky swore that we'll buy only the front row tickets. haha. good luck to us.


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