Monday, February 28, 2011

Massive Sale Alert!

At 12 midnight, another online pandemonium will begin. Airasia, the Malaysia-based low-cost airline is at it again. I remembered booking a KL flight about two weeks ago, availing from one of their biggest seat sales this year. Although it's still 12 months away, I can't wait!

Go ahead, stay in front of your monitors and at exactly 12, book the flight/s of your choice.

The key is to plan ahead. Decide where you'd like to go and what dates would you want to do it. If you have all of this under control, there's a bigger chance that your online booking will go smoothly. Never give up even if the (busy) bee icon keeps showing! In all fairness, Airasia, is one of the few airlines that easily addresses booking problems compared to our local airlines here. Enjoy!

Oscars 2011

I'm quite happy all my bets won, especially Colin Firth (Best Actor), The King's Speech (Best Picture), Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor) and Toy Story 3 (Best Animated Feature). And of course, God of Love (Best Live Action Short Film) just because the producer is a Pinay.

A glowing Natalie Portman

Colin Firth has an Oscar!

Sorry David Fincher, not this year :(
All images from the carpetblogger.

Extra Bass

After 3 months, my lost earphones finally got replaced. It was one of the things I asked for Christmas but didn't get LOL. So yes, they're nothing really fancy but it'll do.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Pagoy!

It has been three years since we/I found you in an ukay box in Baguio. You've been to many places and though lately I seem to keep on forgetting to take photos of you from your various trips, always remember that I've loved you first :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rogin-E Last Man Running

Absolutely in awe of these guys who survived and finished 7 hours of running under the Manila heat and McKinley Hill pavement. That is no easy feat earthlings, but they did it.

For me, the big winners were the oldest and two women participants, my god I don't know what kind of super powers they possess but that day, they totally earned everybody's - or at least those in Hydration Station 1 with me - respect and support.

Mahirap maging volunteer sa hydration station, pero mas mahirap tumakbo! Those runners are not bad too cos they're all appreciative :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You 6995!

While rushing out of the house on my way to work, my housemate informed me that there's a mail waiting for me. I was curious, who could've sent me a mail? When I saw it, there's no doubt it was a card. Then suddenly it came back to me.


Back in January, my officemate told me about this guy (or girl) in Reddit who's giving away cards to anyone from anywhere in the world. I got so excited I immediately registered and made my own Reddit account, which frankly a site that I don't really quite understand haha.

I left him/her a message saying I'm interested along with my address to which he/she simply replied "sure!". I've quite forgotten about it already but when it finally came to me, boy was I ecstatic! It was such a simple gesture but I felt and sincerely appreciated the effort that this person have done - write a personal message to each and every card he/she sent to God knows where and God knows whom.

Yes, I will return the favor. In the form of a postcard though. I hope he/she likes it! So 6995, even if I've no idea if you're a boy or a girl, I want to let you know that you made today an awesome, awesome day.

Message inside

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Step Up

Congratulations, Mariela.

We are very happy to see the success and the distance that you've achieved not only for yourself but for your team and process.

We look forward to all the future accomplishments and wins that still lay ahead of you.

Thank you for all that you do. It is clear to the team and to the supervisors how much you've grown in the role and how you've helped move it forward.

Keep up the good work. Am sure that between Glen, the POCs and the team you'll be kept real busy. Case you feel there's idle time, let me know. :)

The only person in the company who writes with color blue text is our OM. Na-touch ako hehe. Pati sa words of wisdom ng TL ko.

More than the salary increase (which is not really much but hey an increase is still an increase!) and shifting of role, I take more pride with the recognition of a job well done. That by simply doing my job, I make a lot of people - in this case, the higher ups - happy.

To repeat what I always tell my TL (during evals and meetings), I am not made with the same material as other leaders are, by good heavens I am not, but I will try my best to fulfill what is asked of me. Thank God for transition periods.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cebu Valentine

Valentine's day has never been a big deal for me. Pero siguro before I admit may pagka-Bitter Ocampo lang din akong konti sa mga taong ang sasaya lang tuwing Vday not because they have jowas but because they have chocolates and/or stuff given to them by their jowas hahaha. Labo.

This was the Cheese and I's very first out-of-town Vday celebration (na di naman pasok sa mismong 14 haha flop), chillax at sobrang pampered in Cebu, wala akong masabi. Kahit may away on the side, oh well, love conquers all CHOS. In my case, a hungry tummy with no money conquered it all. Aarte pa ko e wala kong pera that time.

I don't get the flower-giving hullaballoos every 14th of February but if that's your thing hey who am I to judge you, ika nga, walang basagan ng trip! Personally, I never saw the practicality of of giving and receiving one. Bigyan mo na lang ako eraser or chocnut mas matutuwa pa ko haha.

And yes, sinadya kong magpost the day after para kunwari hindi cheesy LOL. Belated happy commercialism er Valentine's day everyone. Give love not just on Christmas and Valentine's days, dapat araw-araw may chocolate para good mood palagi ayiii!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What I'd Give Up for a Poster

Today marks the second and last day of my No Rice Day, something I swore to Miss Zafra that I will give up in order to win a 127 Hours poster.

Yes I feel incomplete, I still feel hungry all the time and it's never the same without rice in my meals but hey, to be chosen as one of the 3 lucky recipients of poster is certainly an honor.

Seeing that poster on my bedroom wall everyday will definitely make up for those two days that I was deprived of my staple food.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Unmasked: The Boy Behind Darth Vader

Five days ago, I posted this Volkswagen ad in my facebook account. At that time, I'm sure its views haven't skyrocketed to millions yet. Apparently, this commercial made it to Super Bowl ads hence the insane 15+ million (no make that 16+ million now as of 2am) views.

I posted it because 1) it was Star Wars and 2) it was really a cute commercial, unique even.

Naturally, with success such as this, everybody will start asking "who was that boy behind the mask?!?". NBC's Today Show had an interview with the adorable boy named Max Page together with his mom, everybody was smitten with him.

I know. Max Page and Mark Hamill has an uncanny resemblance (as seen in the photo below), don't you think?