Thursday, June 26, 2008


haven't read a book for quite a while now and i'm missing it dearly. though i have this book na binabalik-balikan sa powerbooks shang, kahit yun hindi ko pa rin matapus-tapos. i dunno. lately ay tinatamad akong magkikilos. usually the stuffs i enjoy the most are the stuffs na hindi ko pinapansin ngayon. sure i was avoiding something lang.

as for other news, i still can't seem to get over the Celtics-Lakers match up. ayun, nanood pa ko ng replay kanina when i should've been sleeping way before. Game 4. Best game ever in the series. woot woot!

a big SIGH. Death Cab's having a concert in HK and of course, i can't watch. Helloooo. like that would even be an option to think about. Arrgggghhhh.

Friday, June 13, 2008

You gotta respect Celtics

Ray Allen was definitely the man of game 4. kudos talaga sa big 3 ng Celtics.

Ain't Paul just a darling? I swear that man is super. And I believe with all my heart nung sinabi ni DJ Mo that Pierce is sincerely a nice, nice person.

look at their fashion sense. i mean, i'm no fashionista but in fairness ha, i can see that they do justice to the suits they wore (just like KG) unlike a certain Spaniard on the other team who always looks like he just woke up. Nice taste or stylist i guess??

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Geography and Basketball


Haha. Na-blangko ako ng mga isang minuto siguro pambihirang patis naman oo. Nakakahiya!

Game 4 bukas. Sheesh. I'm with you Celtics, all the way!