Friday, May 29, 2009

Beam me Up, Scotty!

I'm no Trekkie but I liked JJ Abrams' Star Trek. At least I know my basic knowledge: the Enterprise, Starfleet Academy, Vulcan, James Tiberius Kirk, Sulu and Chekov. The rest, well, the rest I have to learn. :) Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, is love. I like that guy!

I really like the old Spock. Even at his age, he still does wonder. \\ //

The funny thing though is this, Spock reminds me so much of...

Dr. Sheldon Cooper of TBBT. It's hard to keep a straight face at all. :)

Another guy I love so much: Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. Heehee.

I kept on comparing them to Star Wars though. You know, different planets, aliens, confederations, the likes. Live long and Prosper = May the Force be with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday LOVE

I'd like to believe that I am one of the biggest Rory-Jess-tandem fan, even when there was no longer Rory and Jess. I love the fact that both of them share a tremendous love for books and can quote so many lines from different authors.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OMG Cory

Mr. Feeny started it. Now Cory. Who's next Shawn and Topanga?

Remember Him?

He didn't really. But I sure do miss Mr. Feeny and the boys.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally, Some Sense!

In the past few days, our country has been hit by probably the lowest and most horrifying (not to mention most stupid) news I've ever heard in my life: taxing imported books. Books that are deemed unimportant for education is subjected to tax. Textbooks are the only books who can make it to the customs hassle-free.

Nag-init lang talaga tenga ko sa balitang ito. Nakakabobo. Parang mas mawawalan ka na ng tiwala sa gobyernong ito, unang-una wala na nga talaga. Ewan ko ba kung bakit may mga taong nakakaisip ng walang ka-kwenta-kwentang ideya. Hindi nila naiisip ang magiging epekto nito sa mga Pilipino. Nakita na kasi nila agad ang makukurakot nilang pera sa mga buwis na ipapataw nila sa mga libro.

At least the president has some sense. Or she was just probably bullied by the UNESCO. Made some officials remember about a certain treaty they agreed to follow almost half a decade ago.

THANKD GOODNESS. No more Book Blockade!

I'm Going to Planet MARS

Well, at least my name is going to Mars. Heehee. *jumps4joy*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Globe Paramihan Event

Last May 15, our friend Coco invited us to this Globe Paramihan event. At first I didn't know what it was about, all I know was that any bloggers were welcome to join. And so together with Kimi, Yes and another officemate, Arlene, we went to Legend Villas for the said event. They were promoting the Everybodytext, which is Globe's new offering for us Globe subscribers! It's nice cos all you have to pay is 20 pesos but you will receive a 200-worth of globe-to-globe texts and free 20-peso texts to other network.

Boy was I happy that I came? SUPER LANG! This was the first thing we did: Photobooth! Yay!

When we arrived, the hosts were giving away PhP500 worth of Globe prepaid. Too bad we didn't win (he didn't get to our table boohoo). The food was so great, I loved the desserts. But there was another surprise in for us, we will have a chance in winning PhP20,000 if we participate in their Paramihan Challenge.

What will we do? We have put as many people as possible in an inflatable kiddie pool. Sounds easy right? Not if you are there. My goolay, it is so HOT inside, everyone's grabbing anything they can hold on to. Plus I kept on falling out of the pool but good thing there were people holding our backs, literally.

36 people made it inside that small kiddie pool. NYAY. The managers added up PhP 16,000 more so that each of us will have a thousand bucks each. Not bad to earn your 1k. ILOVESIT.

Thanks Coco! Til next time hehe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday LOVE

I will start this thing today. I will post about stuff that I love through photos/posters.

Raj, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Wolowitz. The uber-loveable and hilarious casts of The Big Bang Theory.

So Sad..

My favoritest sole Survivor (not that I've watched all of it), Ethan Zohn, has been diagnosed with the Big C. So sad. Here's to hoping for your quick recovery.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who Would It Be?

Pretty Betty or Wealthy Veronica? I think I'm also gonna wait just to find out. Jeez.

Probably the Worst

Some days you're comfortly dry, some days you're gonna get wet when you least like it. STILL GRIEVING WITH THE LOSS OF PLURK. All for the best. Pfft.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Biking at Noon never a good idea. It's the hottest part of the day my goodness so do not freak out if you see your face in the mirror all burnt. Anyway, I realized two things about our recent trail biking:

1) I'm not ANY good at it.
2) But I liked it because If I ever fall from my bike, grasses and plants will catch me!

Last Saturday, Kimi, JC and I brave another round of biking in C5. Jeez. I still can't get over how trucks were driving inches away from us, it's still ringing in my ears. Katakot much! After meeting Ryan, we proceeded to the Fort's trail biking area. Let's just say (and JC will definitely approved) that I screamed, fell flat on mi face and walked most of the time. Watta achievement right? But we did have fun at least I did. Hehe. Now I know what it felt to be following and riding those steep and small trails. I would never wonder much about it now. It's HARD.

But maybe someday, when I'm better, I'll give it another try. Nyaha.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Post!

My birthday was four days ago but it was only now that I got to post photos and update of what happened that day. I flew back to Manila and was still supposed to go to work but my TL said otherwise. So again, another VL for me. Such a long vacation I never want to get used to this. :D

Met JC at Trinoma at 7pm, picked up the cake at Conti's with Mitch and JC. Was blindfolded for a while (so embarassing!) but pleaded for it to be removed haha. Went to Makati, at Greenbelt. Spicy Fingers to be exact. That's when I realized we're probably gonna watch the same thing that Mitch and Ed watched some time ago: Comic Cartel. I LOVED IT. Kakaiba naman for this year. The comedians were so funny especially Tim Tayag and Mike Unson and that skinny Chinese guy whose name I forgot (sorry!).

Thanks a lot to everyone who came (parang andami no): Mitch, Kuya Leb, Kimi and of course, ang promotor, JC. At sa lahat din ng bumati through SMS, Facebook, Multiply and Gmail. xoxo

Flew solo again. Goodbye Mt. Mayon (though it was hidden behind thick clouds!)

Gorgeous cousins, Mitch and Kuya Leb.

Mga Cheesy! :D

Kimimay and Maryelogs

Goshdarnit. I'm. 25. So. Old. Yet. So. Young.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation through Photos

It was my first time to fly solo. Say hello to Pepe, my companion.

I missed seeing you, passing you.

Ze only friend and high school classmate I was able to meet there. The rest erre in Manila or somewhere else I don't have any idea of.

A full moon over the house.

Grandmothers that I haven't seen for ages, Lola Teddy and Lola Sarah.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Swirl

Something to look at and be happy about. Mga probinsyanang bata pero masasaya. Vianne and I was just 14 here, the rest were 15 year olds. Photo taken on our 3rd year Christmas Party. So it's circa 1998 pa.

from left to right: Jhoanne Marie Benzon, Wenda Narvadez, Violeta-Anne Honasan, Leslie Ann Guantero, Charmaine de Vera and me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too many..

things to tell such as:

*recent vacation better known as couch potato-ing in Sorsogon.
* birthday tales
* office revolts nyaha.

But I don't have time today, so I guess will tell it some other day. Orayt? Cheers!

By the way, I am officialy 25. Legen..wait for it..dary.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Dinagat Islands Tales

An entry from my Multiply tungkol sa aming supposedly bonggang bakasyon that went bzzzt. hehe for lack of apt words.

mahaba-habang kwento ito. tsk tsk. for the benefit of friends who want to find out kung anu-anong kamalasang dumating samin ni JC sa trip na ito, eto na ang chance nyo na malaman.


On time naman ang paglapag ng Cebu Pacific sa Bancasi Airport (Butuan). Sumakay ng van papunta Surigao. Unfortunately, nahuli lang kami ng 10 minutes sa kaaalis lang na RORO papuntang Siargao. Ang pinakamalungkot kasi dun, kaisa-isa lang na bumabyahe yun, Sunday pa non at hindi na kami pwedeng bumalik kinabukasan due to time constraint. May sinusundan naman kaming schedule in fairness. Oh well, with sad hearts and panghihinayang at konting pagkainis ay kumain na lang muna kami ng late lunch. After mahimasmasan ay nagplano na ng susunod na hakbang.

Salamat Pam sa pagpo-provide ng mga detalye papunta dun sa San Jose.

So, sumakay kami ng ferry boat papuntang San Jose, Dinagat Islands (go Google it) para naman may mapuntahan kami at makapag-beach pa rin. Pero kamalas-malasan nga naman talaga, inulan pa kami bago pa sumakay ng bangka. As in BASA talaga! Iniisip nga ni JC kung tutuloy pa ba kami sa ganung klaseng weather, pero in fairness naman ay dumaan lang yung ulan. ganun ata talaga panahon dun. So, sumakay na nga kami sa bangka, aba akalain mong ulanin ulit kami sa gitna ng dagat por dios y por santo! Pero katulad nga nung nauna, dumaan lang ulit yung ulan. Grabeng paglalaro ng tadhana.

Pagdating sa San Jose, naghanap agad ng matutuluyan for the night. Mahirap na kasi. Sabihin na lang natin na ang bayan ng San Jose ay yung tipong di naman talaga pinupuntahan ng mga turista, wala nga silang matinong mga resort houses at kainan e. Pero I think, kung marami kang pera, marami din namang magagandang lugar na pwedeng puntahan sa Dinagat Islands. As in. But since walang pera, stuck kami dun. Tinawaran namin yung lugar na pag-sstayan namin, pumayag naman sina ate since kami lang ata ang bisita dun. Banyo lang ang may ilaw at kailangang mag-motor pa papuntang Poblacion para bumili lang ng pagkain. Okay naman yung dagat, kahit anlayu-layo mo na e mababaw pa rin. though may mga sea grass sa ilang parts. Kamalasan again: nasira na naman tsinelas ni JC at nagkasugat ako sa paa gawa ng pagtalon sa dagat (nakaskas sa bato yung kaliwang paa ko owwww).

Ngapala, walang kuryente sa San Jose pag 7am to 1pm. generator-powered lang kasi sila kaya yun. Kinabukasan ay bumalik na ulit kami ng Surigao City, kumain ng tanghalian at medyo naglakad-lakad ng onti (pilay pa ko nyan pordat!). Ang inet lang dun pambihira pero pinilit kong makabili ng postcards na ipapadala sa ilang friends na mabiles nagreply sa aking text msg hehe. Nung alas-tres ng hapon ay sumakay na kami ulet ng bus pabalik ng Butuan.

After almost 3 hours of byahe ay nakarating ng Butuan at naghanap na ulit ng matutuluyan. Sa kasawiang palad ay yung inaasahan naming pinakamurang inn ay walang bakante so nagtanong na lang kami ng iba pang marerecommend ni Kuya at awa ni Bathala, may bakante naman dun sa inn na yun kahit na napaka-plain nung kwarto hahaha.

Since nasa siyudad na muli kami, I think mas masaya na kasi may mall na at madaming mapagpipilian ng makakainan. Nag-ikot kami saglit sa Gaisano Mall at nag-dinner sa Aling Cora's (masarap), umuwi natulog.

Kinabukasan ay flight na pauwi. Lemme omit some of the things that happened pero ang pinakahuling kamalasan samin sa buong trip na ito ay ang malaman na DELAYED ang aming flight. My goolay. Dumating kami sa NAIA ng 11.45 at nakapasok ako sa opisina past 1pm na. Ayun.

Napaka-forgettable lang ng experience na 'to pero actually okay lang naman yung Surigao and Butuan trip :D Sa sobrang katamaran ko e ni hindi ko man lang na-charge yung battery ni Kambini to think na more than 2 days din yun. Hindi na kami nakapamili ng pasalubong/souvenir kahit simpleng pagkain lang. Pfft.

Oh well. That moment, di ko matanggap ang adage na "it's not the destination, it's the journey" kasi parehong tagilid eh haha. Di bale, may araw din sakin ang Siargao. 4 days dapat dun. Hmp.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Since office sanctions are currently driving everyone crazy and so downright boring, I am so glad I will leave all of this behind. Maybe two working days (and four vacation days) aren't enough but still, it is a vacation nonetheless.

I am looking forward to conversation with oldies, catching up with my blood relatives' story of lives, bumming in front of TV (thank goodness for cable), homecooked meals, clean and pollution-free air, rainy mornings, early wake-up calls, speaking the dialect, walking around the small town see if my favorite bookstore's still doing business and hopefully, bumping into old friends and classmates.

Can't wait.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I love my plurk. Please don't take it away too. :(

Monday, May 04, 2009

In addition to no flashes..

No more facebook.
NO more multiply.
No more twitter.
No more YM.
No more chikka.
No more, no more.