Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Taste of South America in Puñta Manila

Puñta Manila serves South American food? I was instantly sold! Everything South America related, my eyes automatically light up :D 

We were the only customers when we walked in at around 5 in the afternoon. The place looks cozy and roomy with high ceilings. The couches upstairs look comfy, perfect for when you're having late night drinks with friends.

While waiting for our orders.

At first I asked for their Chinchulines and Lo Mejor, unfortunately, those were unavailable at the time. Boo.

I ended up ordering Chuletas de Puerco, which was the last thing I wanted to order, pero sige keri na. The house salsa and sauces were good, especially the chimichurri. The meal came with rice, half corn cob, and beans.

Chuletas de Puerco. pork chop + crema de ajo + chimichurri + salsa roja + pico de gallo. (PhP385)

Culo de Pollo. chicken tail + crema de ajo + chimichurri + salsa roja + pico de gallo (PhP165)
Everything that we ordered were surprisingly good! We especially liked their big servings. Two persons can share a meal and still be full.

Pierna de Pollo. quarter chicken leg + crema de ajo + chimichurri + salsa roja + pico de gallo (PhP330)
 Vamos a comer!

So, was it anything like the food in South America? Well, the popular anticuchos were there, so were the beans and corns, albeit smaller in size, but I can't really say. It wouldn't be fair to compare since I admit we mostly subsisted on street foods while we were there, and all those have distinct tastes. 

What I can say with the food in Ecuador and Peru is this—quite greasy despite the perpetual presence of salads on their plates (I think it's not because of the abundance of highland vegetables in the 2 countries, it's like it was only placed there to make up for the all fried food people consume everyday hahaha). Flavoured rice is not a common thing, in fact, I never liked their rice. It was so starchy. Asian rice rocks! But anyway this fusion is an interesting way to introduce Filipinos to Latin America palate. 

The Park, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Boulevard,
Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City
Tel No. : (02) 941 2870

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Loca Over Locavore

My 2 favorite K's (Kimi and Kai) were in Pasig so what did we do? We tried the newest restaurant to pop up in our hood: Locavore.

I arrived in Brixton 3 minutes earlier than their opening time. I was silently panicking why the whole establishment looked closed but a few minutes later the bamboo gate opened and as I heaved a sigh of relief.

Locavore Kapitolyo

I was the first there and although I asked the waiter if I could place my order in advance (in case our orders took time to be prepared) he assured me that it should be easy and quick. Okay then!

Locavore Kapitolyo

Locavore Kapitolyo

We ordered  Lechon & Oyster Sisig (yum!!!).

Lechon & Sisig Oyster. PhP 400.

As well as their Sizzling Sinigang. It works! Yes, it's kinda weird to find your staple sinigang dry but this one is good. Lemony and salty aftertaste that complements nicely.

Locavore Kapitolyo
Sizzling Sinigang. PhP 530.
Very pang-instagram lang ang setup. 

Locavore Kapitolyo

Another angle because why not.

Locavore Kapitolyo

Locavore Kapitolyo

Locavore Kapitolyo

Their turon dessert, however, was a scene stealer. Locavore gave a whole new meaning (and look) to the classic merienda that we Filipinos love. The flaky crust, albeit a bit on the oily side, was delightful to the mouth. Pouring that dulce de leche on the turon makes everything even more sinful so make sure to share it with someone.

Turon con Leche - Locavore Kapitolyo
Turon con Leche PhP 220
If you're in the Kapitolyo area, give it a shot. I hear this place gets packed so best to come in early.

10 Brixton St, Bo Kapitolyo
Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila
(02) 632 9600