Friday, January 18, 2013

A Friendly Reminder from Your SLEX Family

Putting this out here to remind me of my goals and to act on it. Will focus more on planning after March. Promise. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Satisfying Our Persian Cravings

In World Class Persian Kabab or as we still fondly calls it, Immam Zamam. We missed this cozy not-so-little restaurant a lot so we decided to give it a visit for a dose of Persian goodness.

We ordered moutabal first.

Pita breads for us 3.

And Chelo Kebabs. We all had the same order haha.

Butter and Biryani nomnoms.

After a hearty meal at Imam's, we transferred to Nomnomnom Happy Food located next door where I found this nice wall art.

At first glance, you'll instantly know that the place is going for the simple and vintage vibes. The decors and the pastel furniture, the amusing selection on their menu.

We were too full already from our chelo kebabs earlier so we just ordered dessert with a really witty name: Boom Chika Wawa. I don't know the history behind the name (an ode to that girl band perhaps?) but it's really something worth remembering (the name, not the dessert itself ).

Boom Chika Wawa is basically just an ice cream sandwich. Make that sandwich a crusty cookie softened by the cold, melting ice cream.

We'll come back to Nomnomnom next time to try their non-dessert food but for now it's nice to know that there's a not-so-secret restaurant too tucked near our beloved go-to Persian place.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

It might start slow but the story and pace builds up after the first hour. I didn't realize OBL and company weren't anticipating that operation that will took his life. Everyone was wearing their night gowns! Okay that's my only review of this film.

One down, nine (?!?) more to go.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My 2013 Project

To start the year off I was supposed to do another round of photography project but realized that my previous project, maryelogsproject366, sounded more special than the regular 365 project I was about to embark this year. It was a leap year project after all.

I was looking for other ideas to pursue - N numbers of books to read, weekly/monthly photos, 365 things to do in 2013, etc. - but reckons I wouldn't be too focused on doing those stuff anyway that it would be a shame if I leave one project midway. 

So, I decided I won't do any of those this year. What I would do instead is read N number of books, stuff my face with as much food as it (and my wallet) can take, try new restaurants, travel to new destinations, watch more relevant films, work harder than ever and SAVE like there's no tomorrow. 

2013 will be the year of Machu Picchu/South America 2014 project planning because I know it will be a bitch.

A toast to all our new year dreams and goals.