Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My 2013 Project

To start the year off I was supposed to do another round of photography project but realized that my previous project, maryelogsproject366, sounded more special than the regular 365 project I was about to embark this year. It was a leap year project after all.

I was looking for other ideas to pursue - N numbers of books to read, weekly/monthly photos, 365 things to do in 2013, etc. - but reckons I wouldn't be too focused on doing those stuff anyway that it would be a shame if I leave one project midway. 

So, I decided I won't do any of those this year. What I would do instead is read N number of books, stuff my face with as much food as it (and my wallet) can take, try new restaurants, travel to new destinations, watch more relevant films, work harder than ever and SAVE like there's no tomorrow. 

2013 will be the year of Machu Picchu/South America 2014 project planning because I know it will be a bitch.

A toast to all our new year dreams and goals.

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