Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have fun in Chow Fun!

For another session of stress eating Romy, Ten and I headed out to San Juan area to satisfy our glutton selves. This time they picked Chow Fun. 

Here's the inside of the restaurant. We were lucky to meet the owner who was Romy's officemate in her previous work. He gave us complimentary dessert which we were really looking forward to eat.

Artsy lamps

Peach Peppermint Homeblend Iced Tea. This is good.

Peach Peppermint Iced Tea, Chow Fun

We ordered Chinese Fondue which consists of crispy squid, vegetable cakes and seafood balls with cheese and curry dip

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun
Chinese Fondue
We also ordered this massive Shanghai Ribs, definitely more than enough for 3 persons!

And lastly, the house specialty and bestseller - House Fried Chicken. It was really good. The plum definitely added a kick to the regular fried chickens that we know.

Unfortunately, due to excitement over eating our flavored Butchi desserts I forgot to take a photo hahaha. Classic move. But good gracious, I'm not really fond of butchis but when it is filled with Reese or dark chocolate, you will definitely won't be able to resist it.

Chow Fun

103 J Abad Santos
Little Baguio, San Juan
(02) 624-1009

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