Friday, April 21, 2006

Grace *

hindi man ako sinwerte sa pamilya ko,binawi naman sa mga kaibigan.

In less than 24 hours, may sumagot na kagad ng panalangin ko. At kahit nasa klase ako nung mga panahong tumatawag sya, naisip ko na ring, "sya na yun." Walang tanung-tanong at ano pang kaechosan, straight to the point. If you only knew how thankful i am for you, for every friends that i have that helped me get through. But I know, alam mo na yun at alam nyo din yun.

Dahil sa mga pangyayaring to, may isa pa ding tao na talaga namang ikinagulat ko at syempre ikinatuwa ng tinext nya ko:

San k?Ano nangyari sau?

Kahit tungaw daw ako, mahal ko si Popsie!

Hindi ako makagawa ng matinong pasasalamat, siguro mas maganda yun kung personal n lang, nevertheless, i just want to express how thankful and grateful i am. at swear, di ako magaling dun. So, yun!

*you are such a grace ate!labshu!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

home is where the heart is.... that case, i guess, i never really had a heart all this time. I'm still trying to locate where the darn heart could've possibly be.

in less than a week i'm gonna be homeless na...and a total wreck pa talaga (sorry for the grammar, lang time para mag-isip). so while some of my friends are already maintaining their filthy lives under a condo roof, going to macau for a vacation (no pun intended), getting excited on their respective out-of-town dates, I on the otherhand, ay napapatulala na lang palagi even in the middle of something. Can't really help it to think too much and assess my life. what's going to happen to me in the next few days. heck, i'm gonna go to church everyday if i survived the next 14 days of my life. san ba ko magsisimula? ok, i probably have started already by fixing my loan. the next problem: where to get the darn 2000+ tuition for this summer? I thank Dean though, kasi kanina, medyo naliwanagan naman ang isip ko sa mga gagawin ko nung nakausap sya.for a while some things made sense. the next best thing i can do is to write Sir Decenteceo a letter requesting for an extension on paying my tuition. If ever na makalusot, what about the next days?pano kapag dumatingna yung deadline at wala pa din akong money on hand? at san ako titira after 14 days? saan ba pwedeng pulutin ang mga taong walang mapuntahan. exag naman siguro kung kay mel tiangco agad, pero Lord ayokong umabot sa ganong point. arrgghh. kung pwede ko lang sana na i-cancel na ang pagsa-summer. kaso sayang naman cos i think and i believe that this is the shot that i've been waiting for all my college life. ipapasa ko na ang mga pesteng math this summer. bahala na kung saang parte man ng slum area sa quezon city ako mapadpad.

naisip ko tuloy pag nagkataon ang lungkot pala ng birthday ko. walang bubong sa ibabaw ng ulo ko sa araw na yun. nananawagan ako sa mga bahay ampunan dyan. sana tuloy naging pagong na lang ako. at least walang alalahanin na mga gamit, damit at libro. besides may sariling bahay ang pagong. OH NO!!! so that's it! kaya siguro ako attached sa mga pagong kasi unconsciously i really envy their bahay. hay. mahirap talagang mapabilang sa isang dysfunctional na pamilya. walang magulang, walang bahay, walang pera.

pero sa gitna ng mga kamalasang inaabot ko gusto ko lang ipaabot ang pasasalamat ko sa lahat ng taong inistorbo ko at pinagmakaawaan ng tulong. They have no idea kung gano ko ka-grateful sa kanila dahil nung mga panahong yon na nagpapanic na talaga ko para sa buhay ko, nakahanap ako ng comfort sa kanila. lahat ng klaseng tulong sobrang pinagpapasalamat ko. panglilibre sa pamasahe sa jeep, lunch, drinks, moral support, pagmamahal, prayers at iba pa. ang swerte ko pa rin kasi may mga kaibigan akong tumutulong pa rin sakin kahit papano. pero syempre, hindi naman lahat kaya nilang ibigay sakin. kailangan ko na talaga magkatrabaho ASAP kung ayaw kong matulog sa lansangan.

iba pala ang realization na tatama sayo kapag usapang tahanan na, at least para sakin. Kung nabibili lang sana ang bahay ng 3 dos hindi sana ko namumrublema ng ganito.


"... bakit?wala ka bang savings account?"

medyo napanganga pa ko nang itanong to sakin ng kaibigan ko. oo nga naman. naisip ko ni isang daan wala man lang ako sa bulsa ko,pano ko mabubuhay sabihin na nating magkaron man ako ng bahay na matutuluyan. HOW O HOW? pesteng mga bangko naman kasi, ang taas taas ng minimum requirement. andami-daming tsetse buretse, yan tuloy.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Black Saturday Entry

Even though I'm doing this in the wee hours of the morning and a Black Saturday for that matter, I can't stop being happy (although I'm often being pestered these past few days but still..).

First, the house is much quieter these days because the naughty little cousins and their mom went off for vacation. I'm sure she knows how much we appreciate the silence it will bring to the house and a lot more things. Like watching the TV more often, eating in front of TV, sleeping late (and waking up late, though not that late) and less trashes to pick up. This is more like life. :)

Secondly, i just want to express how much i love Studio 23 for featuring their annual marathons of TV series everytime the Lent Season comes. I was so happy because i got to watched reruns of my 2 all time favorite TV series, which I never get to watched this past few years. Last Thursday, I was able to watched 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls (Season 4) and gosh, how I missed Rory, Lorelai, Luke, Jess (although it was just for a few minutes), Sookie, Michel, Emily and all the Stars Hollow residents. I'm a complete geek when it comes to GG that I used to read their episode transcripts when i wasn't able to watch it on tv. Ditto, come friday. But this time, 7th heaven marathon naman. I just love the Camdens! Everybody missed Matt whom everyone loves so dearly. A long time has passed since I've watched this show. Maybe it's the family thing again. Hey, don't look at me.

Finally, Jose Rizal is (supposed to be) love. The only reason I wanna watched this very long movie again is because i only want to catch a glimpse of Ping back when he was just thirteen years old. But alas. An unfortunate thing happened. Oh well, I could always watch it on DVD some other time. Sigh. It's a good movie though, I still finished it.

Monday is the first day of school. AHHHHH...I'm digging my own grave again. I hope this time, I succeed in finding the best place to rest my weary soul.

Advance Happy Easter to y'all!

Monday, April 10, 2006


since when did i like enrollment days? never! as usual, problema na naman. pohtek na problema yan. hmmmpphh.

Much Thanks to:

Izay, minsan ka na nga lang pumunta ng UP at minsan na lang tayo magkita, nautangan ka pa. hehe.

Juneeeee, had a wonderful lunch with you and Izay. :)

Em, for bringing up my hopes. haha!

geog peeps, dahil nakakita na naman ako ng familiar faces. :), dahil nakapag-stalk na naman ako. woohoo!

Peyups for keeping me updated

....and of course, the Mighty Man Up There who keeps on teasing me but never gets tired of providing people to get me through. Haayy.

*my forn 5

Friday, April 07, 2006

was tagged by ice..

thank you, thank you for the nice remarks. :) never knew that fact.
my music choices as of now are kinda varied, not the usual slammin or melancholic or rocking type that i love. but still, there are traces.

1) Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson- because i can relate to this song and I'm really feeling now that this is my anthem. haha!

2) Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield- it has very nice lyrics. sooo positive.

3) I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw- Just because. :) you've got to understand that the OTH bug has caught me, thus, the obsession with Gavin.

4) Mixed Tape by Jack's Mannequin- i just like the rhythmn..LSS since vacation.

5) Work by Jimmy Eat World- the song that never fails to lighten up my day.

6) Collide by Howie Day-so he's probably getting mainstream now, but i still like the lyrics "...even the best fall down sometimes.."

7) Sophmore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year by Fall Out Boy- for one serious thumping. these sugars rock!

Well, I'm not sure if anybody takes me seriously with this tagging thing, but hey, i hafta pass this to somebody else. So, the [un]lucky ones are: hunny, te greyz, jillian, ed, boy okoy, kimpoy and yang. i'm really not sure if they're gonna comply. oh well..:)

PS: the following is the lyrics of a song i've been looking since forever. i kinda got 'dyahe' to ask another question to NU dj's. Baka makahalata na sila that it's been the same person all along. haha!


Stay with me
Find time waste it on me
You'll see the trouble I've been through today

We can be like cats and creepy crawly
Pick the bugs from my hair like a monkey
Take an elephant ride down to the sea
This is the last day of mine

Stay with me
Find time waste it on me
You'll see the trouble I've been through today

We can skinny dip with the sea lions
Get octopus hugs till the tides come in
Lay upon the rocks and blow dandelions
This is the last day of mine

Tickle my nose
With another rose

Stay with me
Find time waste it on me
You'll see the trouble I've been through today

Stay with me...


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy 1st My Bloggy!

How fast time flies! I actually didn't notice that my blog has just celebrated its first year of existence in the busy world of technology.

A lot has already been said in this blog,some could even be redundant. About me, my views, my complicated life, the progressive though minimal victories with my academic loads, my regular sentiments, fears, happiness and everything in between. I hope I can still do this in years to come. And by that time i hope I'm not a lowly math-ass student anymore. haha!

Cheers to May!
Happy April Fool's Day!

Pano ba 'to dapat sine-celebrate? di ba dapat with a practical joke? sayang! wala akong mapagpraktisan. :)