Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do I smell regret?

It's been a long, long time. Haven't heard anything from him for quite a while that it made me think he got her sperminated already but then again, life has its quirky ways. I'm happy that he's happy and at peace right now, because after everything that his heart have been through, he actually and truly deserves it this time..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great Time to be a Kid

Being polluted and literally trashed by humans, the Earth has been void for 700 years now, and Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is the last operational unit of his kind to clean up all the mess that humans left behind, a task not too big even for a small robot like him. Okay, he is a robot. And a very lonely robot for that. But he isn't like any other robot for Wall-E is one curious robot. He collect things he finds interesting enough, has a cockroach for a friend (yes, even if a million A-bomb hit the earth they'd still live. goshdarn roaches!) and he loves watching the 1969 musical film videotape of Hello Dolly! It teaches him emotion, especially the act of holding hands, which he equates as an act of love.

Along came Eve (Extra-Terrestrial Vegetative Evaluator) or Evaaa as what Wall-E says, a feminine probe-like robot. Of course Wall-E fell in love at her, at first sight pa! And there goes their funny, often sweet robotic love affair or whatever you may call it. And it doesn't help that Wall-e is waaaay too much cute for words. Ü One thing i firmly believe in this film though is that everyone dreams of holding another person's hand, has dreams of becoming lonely no more, and wall-e is not an exception, i guess.

Wall-E, like every other Pixar movies, aren't just films that entertain kids and kids-at-heart as well because more than entertaining I believe each Pixar films that ever came out are here to give us far more important lessons in life. Whether to love your toys, not being afraid of the dark, not bugging the bugs, following your dreams, obeying your parents, being a humble bigshot car, etc..

Director Andrew Stanton summarized everything in here:

WALL-E is the only one still truly living. And what is the ultimate purpose of living? To love. And WALL-E falls head over heels with a robot named EVE. Now, WALL-E's feelings aren't reciprocated because, well, she has no feelings. She's a robot, cold and clinical. WALL-E is the one who has evolved over time and garnered feelings. So in the end, it's gonna be WALL-E's pursuit to win EVE's heart, and his unique appreciation of life to become mankind's last hope to rediscover its roots. In short, it's going to take a robot's love to help make the world go round.

Which led me into remembering the first CGI animated comedy feature film from Pixar Animation Studios. i LOVE Toy Story for everything that it was. Aside kay Woody, ang paborito kong characters ay sina Mr. Potato at Rex. haha.

Some excerpts from the movie:
Buzz: Are you still worried?
Woody: About Andy? Nah. It'll be fun while it lasts.
Buzz: I'm proud of you, cowboy.
Woody: Besides, when it's all over, I'll have my old pal Buzz Lightyear to keep me company, for infinity and beyond.
[The toys are gathered around an Etcha Sketch board with a doodle of Woody on it.]
Hamm: All right. Let's review this one more time. At precisely 8:32-ish, Exhibit 'A,' Woody, was kidnapped. Exhibit 'B'. A composite sketch of the kidnapper.
Bo: He didn't have a beard like that.
Hamm: Fine. Etch, give him a shave.
Slinky: The kidnapper was bigger than that.
Hamm: Oh, picky, picky, picky...
Mr. Potato: Let's just go straight to Exhibit 'F': The kidnapper's vehicle. Now, the vehicle fled the scene in this direction—
Hamm: Are your eyes in backwards? It went the other way.
Mr. Potato: Hey, put a cork in it, pal.
[Rex arrives, demolishing the "crime scene".]
Rex: How do you spell 'FBI'?
Hamm: Oh, why don't you watch where you're going, Godspilla?!
Rex: I didn't know there was a crime scene!
Dahil wala nang matinong trailer para sa Toy Story sa youtube (go straight ahead to pixar.com na lang), Toy Story 2 trailer na lang ang nilagay ko dito. And as what Buzz Lightyear loves to say, To Infinity and Beyond!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The problem with bargaining..

You see, nagawa ko na 'to dati eh. Lord-let-me-graduate-and-i-swear-to-you-i-can-live-with-the-fact-of-being-single-forever (well, i HOPE not really forever..) and i got what i want. i'd like to believe that i graduated because of it. well, recently e nakipag-bargain na naman ako kay Lord (bakit ba kasiiii??) pero this time, work- related stuff naman. Let's say that I got the job that i wanted which means i finally found a way to get myself outta my current loser job.

Guess what kung ano na naman ang pinagpalit ko?


I swear napapraning na ko.

Pero sabagay, naiinis na rin ako. Nangangawit na rin ako kakahintay sa taong hindi ka naman makita-kita.

Touche for life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Lord!

Dear God,

In days to come, please grant me maximum self-control that i shall not do moronic things and say stupid stuffs that I would probably regret until I'm well past 50. I need it badly. For my own good, for the good of my own corazon.

And oh, while you're at it please ibalato Mo na rin po sakin ang trabahong iyon. Pretty, pretty puhlease.

Thank You!

Happily Yours,


Came upon this from here. I'm not a big fan of rainy days but, aren't they sweet? Susmio.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Houston, we have a problem.

Frankly, she was peacefully minding her own business, leading a melancholic yet a good kind of life, then you have to happen..

leave her alone.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Hey Jay!

Para sa isang makabagong pagpapakita ng nakakainis pero makatotohanang role ng media sa panahon ngayon, nararapat lamang ang Best Picture Award sa'yo: Jay.

Hindi masakit sa ulo, madaling maintindihan ng kung sinuman ang magiging audience at truly pinoy at the very core, man, panalo ang mga take two's!

Ang sarap talagang manood sa UPFI, pare-pareho kayong tumatawa at the right cue. Hmm.. Malamang sa mall cinemas ay napalabas na kaming lahat kakasigaw at kakatili at kaka-boo...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cleaning Out my Closet

Note: this piece was a lame attempt to capture an ispirational phase in my so-called life 4 months ago. Just want to get it off my USB once and for all. Am not good in writing. I wish I was, though.
"If I asked you to take my hand, walk in silence, read my thoughts through my eyes only, for TWO hours, would you?"
I was about to argue the possibility of you spending that two silent hours with ME (my God ME!) when I saw the longing, almost like urgent desperation, in your coffee brown eyes that I shoved back down my throat what was supposedly be my idea of a funny and clever response to your baffling question and decided that, hell, I will gladly take your hand next to my clammy one if it'll take some, if not all, the desolation I swore I saw a few seconds before you hastily turned your back to me.
Surprisingly it took a while before I managed to utter my weak "Of course. Uhm, but where to exactly?"
"Anywhere. Just get me as far away as possible in this miserable, little shit of town."
There again. The underlying tone of desperation in your voice. Wonder what made you feel that way in the first place. Trouble brewing at home? Nah. Work? Injustice? Politics? Her? I don't think so. Especially that. You'd probably run first to your friends and talk about it over some booze and smokes rather than discuss it with me. Besides, we never really delved into that subject because you don’t want to and because I can’t ask you to. So exactly why are you running to me now huh?
“Are you alright?”
No reply. Just the wind howling in the background.
Okay. So I guess this is where the “no talking” probably starts. I shrugged myself, downed a deep breath and took your hand. Your right to my left.
At first you looked like you were startled at me for taking your hand but then you looked straight ahead again and I brushed it off as maybe a figment of my reality gone awry.
And so we walked without me having the vaguest idea on where to lead you, whatever happened to you and why the hell my heart wants to explode at that very moment.
This isn’t how I imagined it to be. This isn’t how I placed meeting you alone. And this is definitely not the way I wished for you to come and see me finally.