Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fluid Trainer

Even though I won in our toss coin bet, the Cheese won't yield. I suppose he has already made up his mind even before coming up with the idea of a toss coin as a decision maker. Somewhat a mere ploy to make me yield, instead of me doing the other way around.

Anyway, to make the long story short he gave away one of his Nike sneakers in order to buy me that shoes. But how?

He participated in Adidas' Refresh Your Gear promo. Donate an old athletic shoe and in return you'll get a hefty discount to any Adidas shoes of your choice. I insisted he get one since he badly needs to retire his ancient Nike Free already but of course he won't, asserting that there's nothing good at all in the store as opposed to his beloved brand. Tsk.

And that's how I got a brand new shoes that I don't have any immediate need of. But thanks anyway, they're actually really pretty!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make or Break

Remembered that the Cheese was supposed to do a toss coin to close an undecided deal with me. Will remind him later. Now what do I really want to show up?

Nicked from lumos-maxima.

Friday, October 22, 2010

DIY Stormtrooper Helmet

BoingBoing posted a twitter link that made my hear skipped a beat. I so admire you mister for your creativity and wit. I might try it mesself when I get the time!

Friday, October 15, 2010

On Dreaming Big

I want to travel to so MANY places but the problem is I've no idea how will I ever afford it. Well, I do have an idea and it's the most logical and sensible I can think of. By saving. I need to save a big chunk of money out of what I'm currently (and meagerly) earning, ditch unnecessary expenditures and stop purchasing things that I have no immediate and essential use of.

Discipline is the key.

If I want to achieve Bali and HK-Macau 2011, London 2012 and Machu Picchu 2014, I really, really, REALLY have to save. I need to manage my finances wisely and get rid of temporary urges. I need to follow that goal diligently. I need to focus on what I want to achieve.

So help me God.

Aside from the above mentioned goals, I also want to go to:

*Beijing - Great Wall of China
*Hanoi - Vientiane/Luang Prabang - Chiang Mai - Mandalay [northern Asian provinces backpacking]
*KK and KL
*Bangkok and Phuket - mainly because I have an unsettled business with Chatuchak and the beaches, oh the beaches
*An African safari

and of course,

My very own holy grail: THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT.

I must stop with Egypt for now because the list will just go on and on and on...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sabog Sunday Post

This post is brought to you by a restless me on a Sunday.

Coming from a birthday party, then crossing over to another last-minute humabol sa isa pang party left me with only an hour worth of sleep yesterday. It's not so bad really but if you have a running event to attend with only an hour worth of sleep then it's bad, bad, baaad.

It didn't help that the supposed running event turned out to be more of a parade, with banners, balloons, tarps, kids in NSTP uniform and all. So the 3k (at 3k na nga lang) run did not happen. More like 5k of walking. There were so many people it felt like the Millennium celebration all over again only it happened with people in their best running outfits (I am not counting the make-ups, na-ah) and I was part of it.

What free bus rides? What organized event?

I love you Pasig River but I am never going to attend another "world-breaking-record-event". Not anymore. I hate that MOA is so far and I hate that it didn't turn out the way a lot of people expected it to. It was so friggin' chaotic.

No wonder Manila isn't included in Nike Human Race key cities. Although it would be really, really cool if they include us in their list someday.

Thank God for Manny Pacquiao. That boyish grin. I don't regret screaming like an obsessed fan girl at all. He's PACMAN for cripe's sake!


101010 yo!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mac and Cheese turns 2

And who would have thought? I certainly didn't! But there, 24 solid months, 104.35 weeks, 730.48 days. There's nothing extraordinary about these statistics because I personally know a lot more people who've been together waaay longer than us. What makes it not ordinary is the fact that I actually made it this far but not without a handful of bumps in the relationship road of course. Believe me, I have forgotten the countless times I've hinted the Cheese of my not-going-to-stick-for-long acts that anyone is free to accuse me of being a bad girlfriend.

But times have changed. During rare moments of clarity, I look at him and think to myself "ayoko pa ring mag-asawa at magkapamilya, pero in all fairness, ang swerte ko at ikaw ang naging [unang] boypren ko."

Photo by Kimi Fernandez taken at Ta Keo temple ruins, on our way down.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

They're at it again!

Another one from the awesome, awesome OK GO boys with special participation of adorable canines. One take wonder indeed!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Bless the animals!

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Eastwood to participate at the Pet Blessing event held there. No, we were not the pet. Dimitri, the adorable 8-month old Shih Tzu is.

Naturally, there were so many animals that night, canines especially, a few felines, hamsters and birds. I was hoping to see a variety of animals like pet pigs, pet snakes, pet iguana etc., but there were none! There was however, a lot of Siberian Huskies. You know, the dog-pulling-sled kind, the ones we see only in movies. They were actually nice and lazy pala. Haha.

Of all the animals I saw in there that night the ones I like the most were the basset hound (with super long ears and droopy eyes) and the squeaky clean, imposing askals. Manila reprezent!