Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mac and Cheese turns 2

And who would have thought? I certainly didn't! But there, 24 solid months, 104.35 weeks, 730.48 days. There's nothing extraordinary about these statistics because I personally know a lot more people who've been together waaay longer than us. What makes it not ordinary is the fact that I actually made it this far but not without a handful of bumps in the relationship road of course. Believe me, I have forgotten the countless times I've hinted the Cheese of my not-going-to-stick-for-long acts that anyone is free to accuse me of being a bad girlfriend.

But times have changed. During rare moments of clarity, I look at him and think to myself "ayoko pa ring mag-asawa at magkapamilya, pero in all fairness, ang swerte ko at ikaw ang naging [unang] boypren ko."

Photo by Kimi Fernandez taken at Ta Keo temple ruins, on our way down.


Hannee said...

sweet :)

Anonymous said...

More years to come, both of you! :)