Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sambo Kojin Fest

Two Sambo Kojins in a month for two different occasion. The first one was with colleagues to celebrate the arrival of our much-awaited VB! 

Team E-Business

Second one is to celebrate JC's mom's golden day (with her sister's family too not in photo nga lang)! Puma-family affair kuno :D

Although eating at Sambo Kojin puts dent in someone's pocket (someone like me!), it's nice to try things like these kahit once in your life lang. Mine happened twice in a month pa! So I guess I'll see you in x years Sambo Kojin!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Milky & Sunny: Breakfast All Day Long

There's a new food place in our beloved Kapitolyo neighborhood called:

From the menu I figured that Milky & Sunny serves breakfast all day, everyday! So if you're craving for some waffles, silog meals or French toasts, this is definitely your place.

These are photos from my phone hence the poor quality but I"ll surely come back to try their other specials, maybe by then I can have some decent shots.

As I was walking out, one of the owners approached and introduced herself to me which was really cool. And like I promised her, I'll definitely bring my friends and officemates here next time.

By the way, this is what I bought: Banana Kingkong French Toast. I think it's better if I ate it there on the spot, see the presentation totally got lost on the takeout box haha. Til next time Milky & Sunny!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Name is Khan

Razia Khan: Remember one thing, son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That's the only difference in human beings. There's no other difference. Understood? What did you understand? Tell me. Tell me. 
Rizwan Khan: Good people. Bad people. No other difference. 

Always remember that, people of every color and belief.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere

I already forgot how long everybody, including me, has to wait for The Walking Dead's second season premier. It was that looong. But boy was it worth it? Oye.

Although when did hiding under the car made the zombie ignore the smell of human flesh? Labo. Also, season 2 premiere ep's ending wasn't the ending I expected. I'm sure it wasn't the sign Rick Grimes asked for. Oh well. Can't wait for second episode (it showed new people/characters!).

Friday, October 21, 2011

Aurora Borealis in Iceland

II'm still hoping to witness a dance of lights in the sky. I hope to achieve it in this lifetime.

Isn't it pretty? Aurora Borealis always remind me of infinite beauty. It keeps me grounded knowing that the power of the Mighty One is mind-blowingly transcending.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Vampire Diaries - The Reckoning episode

The Vampire Diaries' The Reckoning episode for me was the best episode of the season so far. Indeed, too many life changing incidents happened. So much information being thrown, albeit. inconspicuously. 

Mikael o Mikael. I wonder what sort of trouble/information/joy will you bring to Mystic Falls this time?

After 3 seasons, I'll finally admit it out loud: TEAM DELENA!

Sorry Stefan, despite trying hard to be a badass this season, I still don't like you. You are really boring :( Damon already has the crown for that.

Best lines delivered by none other than the original siblings - Klaus and Rebekah. 
"Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?!" ~ Rebekah

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Lily's Disneyland Surprise

What an adorable kid! Don't you just love to reward non-brat kids? :)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

So Long, Steve Jobs!

To the visionary from Palo Alto, the man who revolutioned and brought digital technology in our homes, tables, ears and literally on the palm of our hands.

Thank you for Apple, but mostly, thank you for buying Pixar when no one wanted to invest on a struggling graphics company.

One more thing, have a safe journey in iHeaven :)