Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have fun in Chow Fun!

For another session of stress eating Romy, Ten and I headed out to San Juan area to satisfy our glutton selves. This time they picked Chow Fun. 

Here's the inside of the restaurant. We were lucky to meet the owner who was Romy's officemate in her previous work. He gave us complimentary dessert which we were really looking forward to eat.

Artsy lamps

Peach Peppermint Homeblend Iced Tea. This is good.

Peach Peppermint Iced Tea, Chow Fun

We ordered Chinese Fondue which consists of crispy squid, vegetable cakes and seafood balls with cheese and curry dip

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun

Chinese Fondue @ Chow Fun
Chinese Fondue
We also ordered this massive Shanghai Ribs, definitely more than enough for 3 persons!

And lastly, the house specialty and bestseller - House Fried Chicken. It was really good. The plum definitely added a kick to the regular fried chickens that we know.

Unfortunately, due to excitement over eating our flavored Butchi desserts I forgot to take a photo hahaha. Classic move. But good gracious, I'm not really fond of butchis but when it is filled with Reese or dark chocolate, you will definitely won't be able to resist it.

Chow Fun

103 J Abad Santos
Little Baguio, San Juan
(02) 624-1009

Saturday, December 29, 2012

That Time I Visited Kai Mykonos In The Hospital

This baby, although suffering a mild bout with taking in (and out) food and a bit of urinary infection, does not seem sick to me. So much energy for someone who's on a dextrose!

To pass time we made faces to the camera a lot. As in a lot!

This baby sure knows her way around touchscreen devices. Ah kids and Apple (the kind that you can't eat) these days.
So pretty. Although I will miss you and your Mamay, I'm glad you're back home at the valley with your beloved Tats, BooBoo, Ate Mack and balikbayan Tita Ida.

Until our next quality time my darling dollface, hopefully nowhere near the vicinity of a hospital. xxx

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cebu [Again!] Photo Diary

Note: This Cebu trip was from November 3-5. I have so many backlogsssss.

Once again we found ourselves in the beautiful queen city of south to have a second go in Oslob. We were rewarded with a wonderful weather this time.

Chicharon stop at Carcar, home of the original chicharon.

These trees provided shade from the grueling sun. I had a great time gazing at their almost yellow leaves.

Whale sharks encounter version 2.0. We might have an underwater camera ready but the water current wasn't coordinating. It was too strong hence, water was murky. :(

Nevertheless, we still enjoyed our 30-minute rendezvous with the gentle giants. They are still adorable.

JC's dad dropped us in Argao to have a taste of their famous Torta (not the eggplant).

Argao torta

Then at the Marian Church of Simala located in Sibonga, Cebu. Apparently, many devotees flock this church to pay homage to the miraculous Virgin Mary. The architecture was grand and pretty awesome, the turrets alone make you feel like you're in Barcelona or somewhere in Spain, not that I've been there already.

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Sibonga, Cebu

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon in what we felt as the hour when the sun was at its angriest point. It was ridiculously hot it was utter madness. But that didn't stop the devotees and tourists from coming in - young and old alike - so who are we to complain?

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Sibonga, Cebu

Besides, we get to stay in here for a day.

Catmon, Cebu

Lunch is a feast.

Staying in Catmon will always be a delight. I at least get to have a taste of "the life" even for some measly hours.

Catmon, Cebu

Dropped by Skills & Bones store to score some new shirts, unfortunately for the Cheese there are no more available sizes for him. So I just took this photo instead. I want that Di Ingon Nato sticker too!

Cebu trips will never be complete without dropping by our favorite Ayala resto that serves affordable steaks: Casa Verde! Although, we notice that each year prices seem to be getting steeper. Oh no, Casa Verde has gone mainstream! lol.

For a such a short visit it sure was fun and relaxing at the same time. I just love Cebu. 

Lastly, I just had to take a quick snapshot of our plane before we took off for Manila. It's more fun in the Philippines!

Friday, December 21, 2012

My End-Of-The-World Thoughts Slash Rankles

So today the world was supposed to end, at least according to the Mayans. But it didn't. It was nice though, giggling and making fun of all the end-of-the-world tomfooleries. You know humans, we live for that. I enjoyed it too. We chose though to eat our way to this end of the world thing. My wallet is feeling the wrath.

Anyway, I've been wanting to write here for the longest time. Something that does not involve food. Something serious, something journal-worthy just because I've been SO STRESSED from work for the past two weeks.

Imagine. It's a few days before Christmas yet I don't feel it. Well I feel it in the hellish traffic (I lost my perfect attendance incentive because of it) and the throngs of people I chance on whenever I am steered to the malls. I especially detest going to the mall when Christmas is very near because it gets really really crazy. You are literally skin-to-skin with someone whose face you can't even see. I'm glad I skipped out on giving gifts this year because 1) I didn't have the time (and energy!) and 2) because I'm really saving up for something else. Kuripot na kung kuripot, sorry friends, bawi na lang ako next time! :))


A few days ago I was griping about how some people have so many while others have none at all. You know, the usual why are we not created equal gripe. I can probably account it to STRESS, loneliness and history (in that order). When I look at my twitter and instagram feeds all I see are gifts, gifts, gifts and gifts. Bitter lang pala ko kasi wala kong natatanggap na regalo (well, meron naman. a few!) hahaha.

Not to be materialistic but I really felt sad. Usually it's their families who gave them their gifts. Pambihira, pamilya pa lang talo na ko. Tapos pag pasko, automatic na sila magbibigay sayo ng mga bagay-bagay, talo na naman ulit ako.

I envy people who have parents that provide for them. Kakain kayo sa restaurant, si father ang magbabayad. Bibilhan ka ni mother ng shoes, bag or kahit baby cologne lang. Bibigyan ka ng kapatid mo ng stickers, lotion or a slice of cake. You'll travel to places sagot ng parents mo, all you have to do is be there, eat, get fat and camwhore to your heart's desire.

I don't have that.

Most of the things I need I pay with my own hard-earned money. Sabi nga ng isang kanta ng Destiny's Child, the shoes on my feet I've bought it, the clothes I'm wearing I've bought it... The house I live in I've bought it (in my case I'm paying rent hahaha).

All my travels, I saved and paid for them. All the material things I've acquired since I became an indie (nakanampooch magamit lang), I am proud to say that I saved and paid for them. Karamihan ng mga pagkain na sinasaksak ko sa bibig ko eh binayaran ko naman. (Uy salamat sa lahat ng mga nanlibre at manlilibre pa sakin!!) :))

In fairness maraming nagbibigay sakin ng sapatos sinwerte ako dun! Well mostly my boyfriend (and a few friends) buy them for me granted I will never buy them for myself. Others bigay lang din sakin.

If I want something, I have to weigh everything first before deciding on making that purchase. But yes, I also buy stuff on impulse which I will mentally list down the reasons to in order to justify why I bought it.

So not to sound like a freeloader, I really enjoy it when other people picks up the tab or treat me with something/anything. That's the only time I feel that someone other than me is taking care of me.

Hindi dahil gusto ko laging magpalibre.

Ambabaw men.

But yeah, if you haven't exactly been in my shoes, you'd never understand it. This, however, is NOT an invitation or a parinig (ano ba sa English yun shet hindi ko alam) for anyone to pay for anything/everything UNLESS you absolutely, wholeheartedly want to hahaha.

Don't fret.. Magbabayad ako. Makikihati ako. Alam ko kung gaano kahirap kitain ang pera sa panahon ngayon.

But then whenever I think of my problem as oppose to starving people in the metro (wag na tayong lumayo), people who lost their families, homes and jobs in Mindanao, sick people, homeless people, dying kids, desaparecidos and so many more, I am so embarrassed.

First world problem dude.

At least ako I have roof on my head, food on my plate, internet connection, electricity, water in the faucet, gadgets, job, friends, a loving boyfriend, utorrent at marami pang iba!

So I ask Him to forgive me for all the evil thoughts na sumagi sa isip ko and for thinking this and that. Puro daw receiving ang nasa utak ko why not focus naman daw on giving! I'm sorreh Papa Jesus :(

Pero swear, hindi ko talaga maiwasang maasar - at alam kong MALI sya - dun sa mga taong nananalo sa raffle draws/lotto/contests/whatever giveaways pero afford naman nila yung mga napapanalunan/binibigay sa kanila. Nagkalat sa instagram ang mga ganitech!

O sya, patawad pong muli Bathala.

Let us rejoice because the world didn't end today. Like Y2k we'll look back to today in jest, we can still laugh and be silly amidst tragedies, we can still give brocolli/ampalaya/okra a chance, we can still stalk our crushes, we can still find out who Ted Mosby ends up with. We can still enjoy this life and eat our miseries away whenever shit hits the fan. These are only a few of the million things we have to be thankful for everyday.

Maligayang Pasko ebriwan!

I feel better now and has let go of silently cursing people receiving too many gifts hohoho.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Wishlist 2012

It's 7 days before Christmas and I'm only doing this now. Why? Because I've been really and seriously busy with work then I got sick last weekend (until now tbh ooofff) and I've always had the laziness bug when it comes to writing everything down.

Pero huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol pa rin. Besides, 90% of these wishes don't get granted anyway YET I still keep on doing it (try and TRY until you die!!).

1) I already have Book One!

2) Oxford boots

3) Everyday by David Levithan

4) An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (exact book cover!)

5) These socks. Or any socks for that matter.

6) Damned by Chuck Palahniuk (I LOVE Palahniuk!)

7) Harry Potter books 1-6. Confession time. I used to borrow the books either from the library or my housemates/friends/blockmates because I couldn't afford to buy it at that time and by the time I had my first job, Book 7 was just released. It was the second thing I bought with my hard-earned salary but I still don't have the first 6 books lol. Now I'm thinking I need to complete them before they permanently leave the bookstore shelves!

8) A new, fluffy pillow

9) The Oktaves' CD

10) Ciudad's Follow The Leader CD

11) This MANGO CHOCOLATE I've been craving and salivating ever since I read about it on some blogger's tweets on one of her PAL flights.

12) Lego accessories from PopJunkLove

13) Postcard from wherever you are.

14) Tons of cookies, Polly's chocolate cake, any slice of cake, chocolates, jelly beans or Chocnut. 

15) To not die yet.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Kai Mykonos Came Down For A Visit

My good friend Kimi went down from chilly Baguio to crazy-hot Manila to attend a work-related meeting. Of course, with my ever-fast-growing inaanak Kai Mykonos (and ate Mack) in tow. We agreed to meet early to have lunch in Megamall.

When we got to Atrium, we saw this towering Christmas tree made up of stuffed Minnie (and a few Mickey) mice. We had to have a photo.

Here's a shy (at first) Mykonos:

Mamay and bibi.

We had our lunch at Yabu, perfect because only a handful of people of are around. It gets frantically busy during lunch hours. The bibi easily got busy with the condiment stash. 

Finally, this. It has been quite a long time since I held this cute-as-a-button baby with no fuss, tantrums nor kicking on the side. I was so glad she let me hold her without so much as a flutter but first, I had to steal her away from her Ate Mack haha.

Happy Christmas from Me, Kai and the hundreds of stuffed Minnies hanging on a tree behind us.