Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's as if yesterday wasn't horrible enough, I woke up today thinking that it was just near quarter to eleven. That's good, considering I slept at past 4 in the morning because of a terrible headache. I was thinking that I still have a lot of time to make it to the Cheese's house. I took a bath.

Coming out of the bathroom, I noticed that the sun isn't too bright and intense for an 11 o' clock. Weird. Got into my room, changed. I was about to put on my watch when I saw the time: it says 10 minutes before 5. Wow. My watch probably stopped early in the morning. Weird. Then I looked at my other watch, the one where there are no numbers just dots, and saw the ugly truth. It was actually almost 5 in the afternoon. Oh God.

The Cheese was probably waiting for me since noon and he can't contact me because I turned off my phone before going to sleep because I'm sure there will be a couple of people who'll be calling me and asking me where I was.

See, the thing is this. Yesterday, I quit my part-time job. I decided that I won't come in again because it makes me sick. How the whole thing works, how I thought I was supposed to do this task but turns out I do other irrelevant things not related to my line of work. Instructions got lost somewhere and what was I to do? I'm supposed to be researching and writing stuff but instead I spend my day under the intense heat, watching drivers register for emission tests, give away hand outs, speak in public. My boss' staff think that I should do the photocopying and in charge of LCD too. Honestly, I was not even told that I was supposed to do those things. I was told that I should report thrice a week only but now they are telling me that I should be there every time there is a seminar and that I should come on a Sunday. WORK ON A FREAKING SUNDAY. C'mon. I did not signed up for that. No I didn't.

I want clear instructions, a job that does not do crossovers. Maybe I could do that too if I'm a regular employee who gets the right cut but I don't. I don't even get paid. Sure I got a couple of hundred pesos but it sure wasn't enough. I am a very patient person I believe and was never the type to quit on things like that. But I don't like what I see, I don't like the attitudes going on inside government offices. It scares the hell out of me. I was never the righteous one but I know right from wrong.

That was the FML moment yesterday. Today, waking up at 4 in the afternoon and thinking it was only 11 is the FML moment. I feel bad for the Cheese for waiting and not knowing what the hell happened to me. And I am sorry for that. I feel bad for the lost time.

I don't ever want that to happen again. Lord no. It honestly terrified me. Now I have to scram because I have a trip to catch in less than 2 hours and I still have to pack.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today will definitely be remembered as one of those FML moments.

No. The intense heat did not make me do this. A little, but not entirely. FML.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello? Kthxbye.

It baffles me. How some people (and people in here means friends) can nonchalantly be insensitive to other people's feelings, brushing aside this small little facts in your life that you don't have an inkling about and telling you that they thought it doesn't matter WHEN in fact you haven't seen nor communicated with each other for so long now so it does really matter somehow right? I mean, some people are just trying to find out what's up with their friends' life, reconnecting even if apparently the other party seem to have forgotten about the other. For cripe's sake the person just misses you and what do you do? Talk about people you're always with. Some reconnection huh? I know I'm babbling nonsense and probably nobody could give a hoot but hey I'm sorry I do give a hoot. Just please stay put for say about 10 seconds? I just missed you. Crap.

Monday, February 15, 2010


@maryelogs I has the Franco album na!!! One love, Jah love!

(Sorry. Exact twitter post heehee). Franco I Heart. *sigh*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

To the Cheese, to all my friends (single or attached), sorta relatives, imaginary acquaintances, boys, girls, straight, LGBTs, actors, actresses, faeries, superheroes, fictional characters, all the people of the Earth!

From Clark, Pampanga with LOVE. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wassup Yo!

Teaching the kids, Bentoy and Dondi, the famous Korean pose. This was in Bonsai Island, and the trees can you see the trees and the shore behind us? that's where we came from. A mighty proof that it was super low tide when we went to Cagbalete Island last weekend. And the guy in red shirt is Phop! Photo by Charina Salvador.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday LOVE

After a couple of weeks downloading this film, I finally got to watched Millions! Damian Cunningham is such a cute kid including his religiousness, simple takes in life and how he sees day to day things in his neighborhood and country. I've to constantly remind myself that this film is fictional. UK is still using Pounds, not Euro. But it's probably a good example of what's to happen in case it become real. Everyone will most likely be hopping from one bank to another converting their old pounds to the new euros, bank robberies too, are not impossible.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cagbalete Island

Last weekend (February 6-7), I went to Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon as part of Trippers' activity. I met old friends and met new ones once again in this trip. A good destination for everyone since, obviously summer is fast approaching. The water in here tends to get really, really low that you can walk your way to Bonsai Island (a kilometre or so away from the shore) with waters not barely reaching your knees!

Makulit but cute Cagbalete kids, Bentoy and Dondi.

Aside from the rich marine life and scenery, Cagbalete kids were also the stars of the island.

A humongous fish we had for lunch.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Garapalan Na!

Napagandang welcome back ang isinalubong ng syudad sakin after manggaling sa isang island trip somewhere in Quezon (more on that on later post). First time kong ma-experience ang madukutan nang harap-harapan!

Habang naghihintay ng bus papuntang Trinoma sa may Kamuning MRT station, hindi ko naman inakala na yung mga mamang nasa paligid-ligid ay may mga masasamang balak pala. Naisip ko pa na sila yung tipo ng mga lalaking pauwi na sa kani-kanilang mga tahanan after a hard day's work.

Aba nung may dumating na bus (Don Mariano if I remember it correctly) biglang nakipaggitgitan sakin paakyat sa bus. Parang normal pa nga para sakin kasi syempre medyo punuan, kaso parang halos 30 segundo na ata kaming nandun lang sa may pintuan ng bus at di makapasok. Maya-maya may kamay na na pumapasok sa kaliwang bulsa ko. Pakshet agad ang una kong naisip, sabay tinitigan ko yung katabi kong Manong at sinabihan sya ng "grabe naman yan kuya tsk tsk".

It finally dawned to me, matapos makapasok at makaupo sa loob ng bus, na scam lang ang lahat. Wala pang 100 metro e bumaba na yung tatlong gunggong na tinititigan ko pa rin at sinasabihan ng "Garapalan naman!". Hanggang sa yung mga katabi ko ay nagke-kwento na kung pano nila nakita na yung kamay nung isa sa maga lalaki ay nasa loob na ng bag ko, etc.

True enough, bukas nga ang isang zipper ng bag ko. Pero nagpapasalamat ako na si Boris ang dala kong bag kasi yung isang compartment at main zipper nya ay mahirap mabuksan dahil nakatago. At ang compartment na nabuksan lang ng gunggong na manong ay harmless. Wala silang nakuha maliban sa tootbrush ko na marahil pagkakuha ay inihagis na lang sa may upuan.

Naisip ko pa nga na baka kasabwat pa nila ang drayber at konduktor kasi alam nila kung saan hihinto at pabababain ang mga hinayupak eh. Sa sobrang pagkalito ko tuloy sa Quezon Ave. ako bumqaba dahil na-distract ako sa lightings ng Centris Station, napagkamalan kong Trinoma na. Di na tuloy ako nakapagbayad ng pamasahe. Okay lang. Kasi if ever, wala na rin naman akong cash sakin dahil kinuha na nila yung 150 pesos ko sa bulsa.

*uck you. Magtrabaho naman kayo ng marangal. Dinudungisan nyo ang imahe ng syudad na 'to at ng mga mahihirap na tao na kumakayod sa mabuting paraan!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Cordillera Soul Searching

When I look back at it, funny how I have to experience first five days of social detachment before I can figure out that I don't need certain things in my life, that I can live with less cyberspace clutter and that I need to get my act together to finally move on to much important and better purpose in life. I've been stalling for more than 2 months now when I seriously need to get my shit together and find a decent job to feed my own mouth.

I was pretty much determined to do the latter but first I have to get away. Originally I planned on going alone but had second thoughts, I've spent quite a lot of alone time the past few days I might break down and cry when I get to my supposed destination so I might as well ask some confused souls in my sojourn. And that's how we three ended up being together. Unemployed people unite!

Batad Rice Terraces, Me in NFA-Aguian View deck of Banaue Rice Terraces, Me, Claire and Mick at King's Curtain, Sumaging, Cave in Sagada and a spankin' new PNB in Bontoc, Mt. Province.

Thank you Mick and Claire for coming with me in this travel adventure, our mutual employment status made this trip possible. At least the money went to something relevant right? ;)

Tappiya Falls at Brgy. Batad, the bus we took from Banaue to Bontoc, Bokong Falls in Sagada and the three traveler's baggages

I would forever remain in awe of the great Cordillera mountains no matter how many times I've been in it. Actually, there's still so much land to see, Cordillera is so vast it would take an entire lifetime to explore it all. And I don't think I have an entire lifetime dedicated only for it but at least I've been there twice already. NOIIIICE! I will see you again, soon.

And oh, I found my soul. It was still there somewhere. Bruised but perfectly intact. I hope it has been refreshed as what I intended it to be in the first place.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Catching Up..

The Holocaust in the eye of an 8-year-old German boy. The two kids, Bruno and Schmuel, are so cute with acting skills not bad for practically beginners. It's quite heartbreaking, the central theme of this movie, how a kid can view the current events in a wholly different light. I could almost hear the shattering of the kid's mother's heart after realizing that his son is gone..

The Shape of Things, starring the cute and lovely Paul Rudd and the psycho but wonderful Rachel Weisz, made my head hurt. Literally. I feel bad for Paul Rudd's character but I don't know what to feel about Weisz character. I love the almost uninterrupted sequence of most of the film's part, like it was shot continuously (maybe it was, I wouldn't know).

Monday, February 01, 2010

After recently coming down from the boondocks, pretty much detached from the outside modern world, I was surprised to find out that Mr. JD Salinger died last January 29. I loved him because he never wanted Holden to be portrayed by some crappy-actor-who-wouldn't-quite-catch-up, I loved him because he is so unlike other writers: he never wanted to be famous. He wanted Holden Caulfield to be where he should be, in our deepest imagination, not for Hollywood to feast on.

The Glass family: quirky bordering on insanity. Must read it again to freshen memories.

Must finish. Never got to the last few pages.

Teenage angst? Ultimate questions? Holden Caulfield became a literary hero for a lot of readers. A literary must-read. Everyone should read it, I mean everyone!