Friday, September 25, 2015

Japan In A Nutshell (So Don't Expect Too Much)

So I recently came back from a 13-day trip in Japan. Like every other person I know who've also been there, I fell in love with the place. It might be a stretch, but landing back in Manila, counting in my head how many hours it would take me to get home (about 2 hours FYI)), was a little too dispiriting.

Manila's crappy public transportation is NOTHING compared to Japan. We are SO crushed in that category. Anyway, no sense in stating the obvious.

Japan is amazing, crazy, neat, rich, and too often, unbelievable. They've thought of everything. I mean EVERYTHING. There are days my friends and I can't get over how awesome and technologically advanced this country is.

Home to all the matcha you've been dreaming about (I mean, me), delicious Japanese cuisines, ultra-polite people, unnecessary but CUTE things one does not need in their life. A friendly reminder: leave your credit card in your hotel if you don't want to incur heavy debt! Seriously, Japan will screw you with all things kawaii.

Above all, it is a commuter's paradise. Well, once you get past the initial shock of 8-track trains serving aboveground train system and subway system with many levels deep underground, 200 exits in one station (Shinjuku stn). Such a complex network of mass and high-speed transportation system it's impossible not to get lost!

And don't get me started with their bike and pedestrian lanes! Japan is an absolute dream place for cyclists and avid walkers. Me.

The food, divine. But I'm biased with Japanese food so don't take my word on it. 

For reasons not unknown, I wished Philippines was somehow at par with whatever Japan has. That we are reaping the same benefits or nurturing the same beliefs towards progress.

Japan was a nice break, a much needed break, from the terrible Manila traffic (and pollution that entails it), crimes, corruption, work. Even if it put a huge dent on my savings, it was worth it and I'm super glad I did.

There are plenty of parks, temples, and museums in the 4 cities I went. I respect countries that put premium on open spaces, culture, and education. 

I promise to be back in Japan preferably during autumn. It would be sweet and really lovely to be surrounded with orange hues (the Cheese and I's favourite colour). 

There was not a day that I didn't go home without tired and aching feet. If my legs and feet could talk I'm sure they'd tell me I'm a maniac walker and that they hate me. Whereas I wouldn't apologise for it because that's how you get to know a place. A tired feet to me meant I covered a considerable amount of distance therefore I had a really good day.

I'll write a more coherent post when I get another free time, which is (almost) never.