Saturday, July 26, 2008


Nakakatawa lang talaga na even after all this time ay natatandaan, at patuloy na tinatanong/inaasar, ng mga kaopisina ko sakin si Leo. Kelan daw ba nila makikilala ang mahiwagang si Leo? Na paulit-ulit ko namang sinasagot pero sadyang ayaw nilang maniwala. Teka, e sino nga ba kasi si Leo? At ano ba ang papel nya sa buhay ko?

Well, nagsimula ang lahat nung Valentine’s Eve. Niyaya ko si Kimi na manood ng Endo, meaning sya ang ka-date ko for Valentine’s day. E kaso sumunod yung boypren nya dun sa Glorietta so kamusta naman? It turned out ay nanood ako ng sine na may kasamang mag-syota, parang kumuha ka lang ng asin na ibubudbod sa sarili mong sugat. So much for girls night out. Anyway, sa mga hindi pa nakakapanood ng Endo (as in end of contract), medyo love story sya. Light movie na lahat ay paniguradong makaka-relate sa mga karakter nina Jason Abalos at Ina Feleo. Panoorin nyo na lang. O kaya hanapin nyo sa youtube yung trailer. Produkto ng Cinemalaya, kaya maganda!

Pagkatapos naming manood (at maglaro ng sandali sa Timezone) e nagmamadali na kaming makaalis kasi may pasok pa kami ni Kimi (that time ay panggabi pa sya). Pero on the way ay napagtripan namin na kumain ng heart-shaped Chocolate Cake na naka-display sa Brownies. Ang sarap kasing tignan. Pero dahil hindi naubos as usual ay ako na naman ang naatasang mag-uwi at dalhin sa office ang leftovers. Tsaka pumasok ang brilyanteng idea sa utak netong Kimimay at Ryan na sulatan daw namin yung cake na From:______ at To: Marye para magmukang may nagbigay daw sakin na isang secret admirer. Ampohtek. Well, medyo pathetic na pala pakinggan ngayon kapag ineexplain ko pero I guess nung mga panahong yun lahat kami naisip na nakakatuwang ideya naman sya. Oo. Pumayag ako dahil jologs ako. Tsaka wala namang mawawala sakin.

Kaso medyo nagkahirapan sa pag-iisip kung anong pwedeng posibleng pangalan ng imaginary admirer ko. Pero in the end ay sinabi ni Kimi na Leo na lang, mula sa pangalan ng karakter ni Jason Abalos sa Endo.

Ayun. Pagdating ko sa opisina katakut-takot na asaran at tanungan kung sino si Leo. Haha. Pero syempre sinabi ko naman na si Leo ay kathang-isip lamang. Hindi sya nag-eexist, na bunga lamang sya ng hindi patas na pagtrato sa mga taong walang other half tuwing Pebrero Katorse, sa komersyalismo ng araw na yun at sa perwisyond idinudulot nito sa sa lahat ng single sa buong Maynila, sa buong Pilipinas, sa buong Mundo! Ayon, sa awa naman ng Diyos hindi pa rin sila naniwala! Tsk tsk. Kala pa naman daw nila may papakilala na daw ako na boyps sa wakas. Muntik na nga ata silang maniwala na babae pala ko haha. FUNNY.

Halos limang buwan na rin pala ang nakakaraan pero tingnan mo nga naman, buhay na buhay pa rin si Leo. To the point na napaisip pa ko ng malalim at ina-analyze na ko ng mga tao.

Oh well, someday darating din siguro ang totoong Leo ko na magshe-share sakin ng earphones nya, magreregalo ng tsinelas, kasamang maglalakad sa ilalim ng buwan at syempre, magbibigay sakin ng heart-shaped chocolate cake tuwing araw ng mga puso.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ever remember "The Wonder Years"? That Kevin Arnold-Winnie Cooper 70s kid? Weell I did. Just now. Cos that's exactly where I got the bestest line I've ever heard that truly captured a kid's heart.

All our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope... all the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect... who might be searching for us."

Oh, yeah… Love. Once upon a time, it was…simple. If you liked somebody, you let 'em know. And if you didn't, you let 'em know. One way or another, you knew where you stood. But as you get older, communication gets more…complicated.

Oh brother i am such an old school. Gusto ko nang tanggapin na ako'y isang old soul talaga after all these centuries.


Ay grabe. Everyday should be an Ice Cream day. or kahit once or twice a week man lang. DQ's Brownie Temptation Blizzard is LOVE. mahal nga lang toinks.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bang, Bang, You're Dead

Okay. For the record, this has been a very underrated movie in my opinion when in fact it should be shown everywhere.

Kahit ganito ang Pilipinas, I'm thankful that i don't, we don't, have to experience the American kind of status quo in their schools. Although I cannot say much for those who went to private schools cos I know they have a totally different world out there. But man, who wants to be bullied?? Who ever wanted to be pushed, especially by some popular or ruling people in their classes? Everybody just want to be accepted, to have their own life and have peace in it. Every kid just want to enjoy high school! goshdarnit why do people have to be so mean, mean, mean. Everyone should meet kindness. It doesn't take much to be nice to other people. Gaaahhd.

oh and totally unrelated stuff. i LOVE you Ben Foster for that. Kasama ka na nina Tony Leung, Shia LaBeouf, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Cera at Patrick Stump sa mga unreachable boys ng buhay ko.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Isang malaking BAKIT??!

Bakit ba walang gumagawa ng mga kantang para sa mga taong naging tulay ng kasiyahan ng ibang tao, sa mga taong araw-araw umuuwi mag-isa na walang sumasalubong sa kanila, sa mga taong matagal nang hindi nakikita kaibigan nila, sa mga taong responsableng tumatawid sa kalsada, sa mga taong matapos magtyagang makinig sa problema ng iba ay lalayasan din pala?

Bakit walang gumagawa ng kanta tungkol sa mga taong naiiyak sa tuwing nakikitang pumapatak ang ulan, sa mga taong willing maghintay kahit gano pa katagal, sa mga taong palagi na lang pinaghihintay, sa mga taong allergic sa manok, sa mga taong may phobia sa manhole, sa mga taong hindi makatulog sa gabi hangga't hindi pa nila naririnig ang boses ng isang tao?

Andami-dami pa actually.

Palagi na lang tungkol sa kanilang mga broken-hearted, iniwanan, third party, two-timers, in love, hindi pinapansin ng mahal nila at kung anu-ano pa. Meron pa ngang kanta tungkol sa alak, sa condom, sa aso, sa kabayo, sa anino. Pero sa mga taong sawang-sawa na sa rejection ng ibang tao wala man lang makaisip magsulat.

Hindi ko lang siguro alam pero baka kahit papano ay may gumawa na rin pala ng mga kanta tungkol sa nabanggit ko pero ang point ay hindi sila kasing popular at mainstream ng mga kantang normal na pinatutugtog sa kaliwa't kanan. Paano na lang ang mga taong di nakaka-relate?

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Loneliest Person I know thankfully not me. I’m not egocentric enough to claim the title. It still belongs to someone out there, someone who’s far more worthy, somehow.

I’m not sure if anyone follows my evident lack of social life (or what I actually reckon as social activities) for 6 whole weeks. Heck I’m sure nobody give a tinker’s dam of my whereabouts, whatabouts and other abouts for it is always I who ends up asking everyone how-are-you-what-have-you-been-up-to-i-miss-you-did-you-ever-miss-me kinda line. In a nutshell, I am bored and lonesome. Again.

For the record, there’re only two activities I’ve done with some friends that I could count as social interaction in the span of 6 weeks:

1) Watching Virgin Labfest 4 plays at CCP with Ed and Tbud: and
2) DVD-marathon at Juraine’s place (with Kimi) that more likely turned out as surfing marathon. Haha.

And I am utterly grateful for breaking the humdrum of my so-called life.

So where am I all these time? E di at work, working overtime, abusing my eyes and right hand (and I guess damaging my carpal tunnel in the process too) for some measly dinero I need to save up before September. I’ve let go of a Tapulao climb because of that and I suppose other more relatively-expensive mountain stuff. I walk home alone everyday, bobbing my head to my life-support music thus sometimes attracting odd glances from here and there, smiling with security guards I passed by everyday. Kulang na lang I shout "good morning" to all those construction workers I see too but that would be too much drama na and I don’t want to push it. Just showing a clear picture of my eventful days for those who would want to have an idea.

Alas, it still brings me wonder that I am able to find ways to entertain myself in such a muted and mind you, cheap fashion. Of course I have no choice but to be cheapskate. All the laziness I’ve felt a few weeks ago with regards to writing, reading and watching free films have come back. I’ve picked up Elmore Leonard again (yipeee!) but mostly it was Lance Armstrong’s fault. Yes. The Lance "Tour de France 7th consecutive winner" Armstrong. See I bought his It’s Not About the Bike book in (where else) Booksale and wooosh, never stopped reading. Even made me madly addicted to everything Tour-de-France: maillot jaune, maillot vert, peloton, l’Alpe d’Huez, CUI, Tour d’Italia, EPO, Eddy Merckkx, Ivan Basso, Greg LeMond, Giro, dingy inns, Team Time Trial, Prologue, etc.. But hey, I’m still learning. Still have a lot to read and watch about the sport. Funny how it coincided pa with this year’s Tour. As of today they’re probably on Stage 7 there. Stefan Schumacher leads, wearing the maillot jaune. I really admire the talent, stamina, endurance and extreme will power of these athletes plus their quirky and unwritten code of ethics while on the road.Basta, I will probably write a more elaborate piece on this as soon as inspiration kicks back.

All I can say is, halimaw si Lance. Even though early on the book he already strike me as mayabang and vain (which he openly admits). But seriously, with all he’s been through (chemotheraphy for his testicular cancer, brain lesions operation and SEVEN maillot jaune), the guy deserved it. At least he knows who to thank at the end of each race (his team mates of course, without which there could never be a yellow jersey on his back). Oh if you wanna see pala some evidence of European’s total dislike to American Lance, everything’s in youtube nowadays. Don’t miss "Lance Armstrong attacks Jan Ullrich". Ay grabe, give me some of your thoughts and we’ll discuss it hehe.

Okay. So much for digression. I guess, I owe it to Lance somehow no matter how indirectly it seems cos at least I’m picking up books now, made me write this entry and I guess, for not making me the loneliest person out here.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stuff I'm Totally Digging Right Now

YES. I am actually trying my best to keep track of these world class cyclists.

Alejandro Valverde of Spain won the first stage of the tour therefore earning him the privilege to wear the coveted maillot jaune.

Zach Braff. Bakit sya? well, im a sucker for nerds/geeks/dorks, and he's definitely a nerd in his own way. At, mind you hindi sya gwapo ha, pero he has that something I can't quite put my fingers to. Go watch Garden State, Scrubs series or The Last Kiss to know what i mean.

This book.