Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bang, Bang, You're Dead

Okay. For the record, this has been a very underrated movie in my opinion when in fact it should be shown everywhere.

Kahit ganito ang Pilipinas, I'm thankful that i don't, we don't, have to experience the American kind of status quo in their schools. Although I cannot say much for those who went to private schools cos I know they have a totally different world out there. But man, who wants to be bullied?? Who ever wanted to be pushed, especially by some popular or ruling people in their classes? Everybody just want to be accepted, to have their own life and have peace in it. Every kid just want to enjoy high school! goshdarnit why do people have to be so mean, mean, mean. Everyone should meet kindness. It doesn't take much to be nice to other people. Gaaahhd.

oh and totally unrelated stuff. i LOVE you Ben Foster for that. Kasama ka na nina Tony Leung, Shia LaBeouf, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Cera at Patrick Stump sa mga unreachable boys ng buhay ko.


sarsi said...

Sir Mel: i think everyone should drink milk
Marye(voice coming from the back): I OBJECT! (sabay palo sa arm ng chair)

Yan ang Bully! haha

Marye said...

sheeeet sars! naaalala mo pa pala yun??! gosh. napakabarubal ko talagang estudyante haha.