Sunday, July 29, 2007

and now i'm reading this..

His third book. And according to him was based, not too loosely, on his own experience on the psych ward of Methodist Hospital, which he entered when he wanted to kill himself in 2004.
Yes.The book is apparently about a 15-year-old kid's bout on depression. bakit ba ito ang nahugot ko out of all the books in the world?! but golly, its a good catch. tsktsk. who's to say we are normal or abnormal, sane or insane? I say NO one.

Plus the guy was really young when he started writing books, at least that I know from staying too much in bookLOVEstores. and apparently, he too, can't wait for August 10, 2007. About time Detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee would be back on the big screen. Hiiyaaa!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You Got Me Thinking Real Deep and Hard

Sometimes, there are books that pushes you farther than it should be pushing you (or at least me anyway) in a normally perfect, ordinary way. Well, this was that kind of book that really kept my interest to the limits of my, well, very limited frame of mind. I am quite sure and really believe that I was never meant for greatness nor vagueness. I am SO ordinary (although there are times that I actually feel and believe that I am extraordinary din pala haha) it's so boring. Blame it on the past.

Anyway, the book is so beautiful and nice and wonderful and life-awakening-but-not-in-a-preachy-manner (most of the times) nauubusan na ako ng pang-describe.hehe. Even in my early-20-years, I've always digged Young Adult Literature. Kasi you can never go wrong with it. I was so affected that I started mulling over my present-state-of-life again. As if I never get to do that often. Pero in a different light this time. After reading it, i desperately wanted to start a new hobby, one that's interesting it could actually take me years to accomplish it. I guess the point really is having a goal that is different than your any other goals in life. And i absolutely agree with Jeremy Fink's father's idea that we all do need a little adventure in this life. Hmm.Sana sa next life ko ay magawa ko din yun. haha.

i don't want to encourage everyone to read it because we have different views and all, what I want though, is if you ever get a chance to read it, just do. Wala pa namang namatay dahil lang sa pagbabasa ng isang sinuggest di ba? I think.

After all, it's not everyday that you give thoughts on what the meaning of life is.
Sana may magregalo nito sakin someday, somehow.

Stuff to look forward

1. First on the lists, of course, PAYDAY. Not much explanation needed.
2. FALL OUT BOY is friggin coming in the Philippines!!! I will really try my best to save enough money to watch it on September 21 with Kimi. And if things still doesn't look up that much by then, I'd always have you to back me up di ba?! Haha.
3. Watch TV. Even the simple joy of watching the tube is rather getting harder and harder.
4. Reading A Mango-Shaped Space, Leap Day and soon-to-come Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall all by the great,great Wendy Mass. I found her in Fully Booked one lazy Sunday, read the summary, ayun, stayed 3 hours there (freezing) just to finish the book. And I later found out there's not much Wendy Mass presence in Powerbooks. Geez.
5. Watch Dokumentaryo. Syempre it's for free so why not, chocnut!
6. Mapaayos si blooey. huhuhu.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

paradoxically speaking..

one of the best cinemas in the country is practically in the backyard of our office building. that's why it's killing me that Luna Lovegood is having the time of her life and Sirius Black is freaking-gonna-die-on-this, but i cannot, in any condition, be able to watch it til after who-knows when. goshdarnit!

and oh, i swear i'm gonna go for a kill for anyone who's gonna divulge the happenings in Hallows. I totally agree with Chico (..and Delamar) that they would have to go to jail (at least for the time being though) for talking about it. ha!

i am so happy i was able to surf the net after a two-week hiatus.gawd. i have so many things to tell. for starters, the kid beside me is SO annoying.

and i hate Margaret "Meg" Murry. I adore Bumblebee. And looking forward to sharing a donut with our homie Homer Simpson. D'oh!