Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stuff to look forward

1. First on the lists, of course, PAYDAY. Not much explanation needed.
2. FALL OUT BOY is friggin coming in the Philippines!!! I will really try my best to save enough money to watch it on September 21 with Kimi. And if things still doesn't look up that much by then, I'd always have you to back me up di ba?! Haha.
3. Watch TV. Even the simple joy of watching the tube is rather getting harder and harder.
4. Reading A Mango-Shaped Space, Leap Day and soon-to-come Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall all by the great,great Wendy Mass. I found her in Fully Booked one lazy Sunday, read the summary, ayun, stayed 3 hours there (freezing) just to finish the book. And I later found out there's not much Wendy Mass presence in Powerbooks. Geez.
5. Watch Dokumentaryo. Syempre it's for free so why not, chocnut!
6. Mapaayos si blooey. huhuhu.

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