Wednesday, July 11, 2007

paradoxically speaking..

one of the best cinemas in the country is practically in the backyard of our office building. that's why it's killing me that Luna Lovegood is having the time of her life and Sirius Black is freaking-gonna-die-on-this, but i cannot, in any condition, be able to watch it til after who-knows when. goshdarnit!

and oh, i swear i'm gonna go for a kill for anyone who's gonna divulge the happenings in Hallows. I totally agree with Chico (..and Delamar) that they would have to go to jail (at least for the time being though) for talking about it. ha!

i am so happy i was able to surf the net after a two-week hiatus.gawd. i have so many things to tell. for starters, the kid beside me is SO annoying.

and i hate Margaret "Meg" Murry. I adore Bumblebee. And looking forward to sharing a donut with our homie Homer Simpson. D'oh!

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