Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello? Kthxbye.

It baffles me. How some people (and people in here means friends) can nonchalantly be insensitive to other people's feelings, brushing aside this small little facts in your life that you don't have an inkling about and telling you that they thought it doesn't matter WHEN in fact you haven't seen nor communicated with each other for so long now so it does really matter somehow right? I mean, some people are just trying to find out what's up with their friends' life, reconnecting even if apparently the other party seem to have forgotten about the other. For cripe's sake the person just misses you and what do you do? Talk about people you're always with. Some reconnection huh? I know I'm babbling nonsense and probably nobody could give a hoot but hey I'm sorry I do give a hoot. Just please stay put for say about 10 seconds? I just missed you. Crap.


atticus said...

ganyan talaga, ang problema, kaya natin sila napiling kaibigan ay may nakita tayong gusto natin sa kanila.

i hope things are well with you? leave a message when you can. hindi ka nag-iisa. :)

Marye said...

Sanay na ko, palagi namang nangyayari yun e. Siguro mas masakit lang yung moment na yun kasi gusto mo lang naman talaga silang kamustahin tapos iba pang isasagot sa'yo. Friends, you love to hate them but you really can't. :)

Salamat, salamat!