Monday, December 17, 2012

Kai Mykonos Came Down For A Visit

My good friend Kimi went down from chilly Baguio to crazy-hot Manila to attend a work-related meeting. Of course, with my ever-fast-growing inaanak Kai Mykonos (and ate Mack) in tow. We agreed to meet early to have lunch in Megamall.

When we got to Atrium, we saw this towering Christmas tree made up of stuffed Minnie (and a few Mickey) mice. We had to have a photo.

Here's a shy (at first) Mykonos:

Mamay and bibi.

We had our lunch at Yabu, perfect because only a handful of people of are around. It gets frantically busy during lunch hours. The bibi easily got busy with the condiment stash. 

Finally, this. It has been quite a long time since I held this cute-as-a-button baby with no fuss, tantrums nor kicking on the side. I was so glad she let me hold her without so much as a flutter but first, I had to steal her away from her Ate Mack haha.

Happy Christmas from Me, Kai and the hundreds of stuffed Minnies hanging on a tree behind us.

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Babeth Lolarga said...

finally, you got to hold her as a toddler. she's not too wary of strangers anymore. i like her tweet tweet half-smile as her ninang carried her with tenderness. the best of the season to you, marye of the big big heart. i am forever grateful to you for just being there for kimi & kai.--tita babeth