Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Payday Lunch Series: Cafe Ysabel

It's another payday lunch and this time our curious tummies led us to Cafe Ysabel, this quaint restaurant hidden in San Juan area. This culinary gem has been a consistent recipient of awards both local and international for serving dishes that astounds any palate. I am so glad that I finally got to experience Chef Gene's magical abilities in the kitchen (labo).

Cafe Ysabel

These were on our table.

Cafe Ysabel

After taking our orders and a little bit of waiting time, we were served these delicious, fresh-off-the-oven complimentary breads. Tinapay pa lang winner na!

Dip thy bread on olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Chef's Pate, Onion Jam and Crackers. Needs more crackers!

Cafe Ysabel's Chef's Pate, Onion Jam and Crackers

Truffle Pizza. Eating food drizzled with truffle is becoming a habit in our small group of "gourmands".

Cafe Ysabel's Truffle Pizza
Truffle shavings, white truffle oil, Gruyere cheese, bechamel, oregano and basil
Paella Sulipeña. Even though I had a hard time skinning the shrimp, I absolutely loved this paella, especially the burnt rice part!

Cafe Ysabel's Paella Sulipeña
Classic saffron rice with seafood and mixed meats
Penne Ala Gino. The gorgonzola on it was too strong for my liking!

Cafe Ysabel's Penne Ala Gino
Gorgonzola cheese with tomato cream sauce and prosciutto ham
Poulet Adolfo. This was a surprise hit for everyone, the sauce was really divine.

Cafe Ysabel's Poulet Adolfo
Ballotine of chicken stuffed with homemade sausage served with caramelized onion cream and apple tatin
Cafe Ysabel looks exactly like an old house in the quiet San Juan neighborhood complete with greeneries and fountain in the front yard. Very, very homey. The ambience inside? Even better.

But the biggest surprise of all is the modest price you'll have to pay for all the wonderful food experiences you'll have. Not bad at all, not bad. I suggest you dine with friends or go on a double date so you can split the bills. Although dining with your special someone here would be really, really nice and romantic. Whatever you choose, you'll still end up as a winner.


Cafe Ysabel
455 P. Guevarra Street,
San Juan Metro Manila
Telephone Numbers: (632) 726-9326 and (632) 725-5089
For Reservations and Inquiries: reservation@cafeysabel.com

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