Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sabog Sunday Post

This post is brought to you by a restless me on a Sunday.

Coming from a birthday party, then crossing over to another last-minute humabol sa isa pang party left me with only an hour worth of sleep yesterday. It's not so bad really but if you have a running event to attend with only an hour worth of sleep then it's bad, bad, baaad.

It didn't help that the supposed running event turned out to be more of a parade, with banners, balloons, tarps, kids in NSTP uniform and all. So the 3k (at 3k na nga lang) run did not happen. More like 5k of walking. There were so many people it felt like the Millennium celebration all over again only it happened with people in their best running outfits (I am not counting the make-ups, na-ah) and I was part of it.

What free bus rides? What organized event?

I love you Pasig River but I am never going to attend another "world-breaking-record-event". Not anymore. I hate that MOA is so far and I hate that it didn't turn out the way a lot of people expected it to. It was so friggin' chaotic.

No wonder Manila isn't included in Nike Human Race key cities. Although it would be really, really cool if they include us in their list someday.

Thank God for Manny Pacquiao. That boyish grin. I don't regret screaming like an obsessed fan girl at all. He's PACMAN for cripe's sake!


101010 yo!


Anonymous said...

Running has become a fad.

Marye said...

I know. That's why we ware boycotting Adidas KoTR this year. Boohoo.

Anonymous said...

Lilipas din yang fad na iyan.