Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fluid Trainer

Even though I won in our toss coin bet, the Cheese won't yield. I suppose he has already made up his mind even before coming up with the idea of a toss coin as a decision maker. Somewhat a mere ploy to make me yield, instead of me doing the other way around.

Anyway, to make the long story short he gave away one of his Nike sneakers in order to buy me that shoes. But how?

He participated in Adidas' Refresh Your Gear promo. Donate an old athletic shoe and in return you'll get a hefty discount to any Adidas shoes of your choice. I insisted he get one since he badly needs to retire his ancient Nike Free already but of course he won't, asserting that there's nothing good at all in the store as opposed to his beloved brand. Tsk.

And that's how I got a brand new shoes that I don't have any immediate need of. But thanks anyway, they're actually really pretty!

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Anonymous said...

I gotta see those new pumps. Hopefully Saturday?