Monday, April 10, 2006


since when did i like enrollment days? never! as usual, problema na naman. pohtek na problema yan. hmmmpphh.

Much Thanks to:

Izay, minsan ka na nga lang pumunta ng UP at minsan na lang tayo magkita, nautangan ka pa. hehe.

Juneeeee, had a wonderful lunch with you and Izay. :)

Em, for bringing up my hopes. haha!

geog peeps, dahil nakakita na naman ako ng familiar faces. :), dahil nakapag-stalk na naman ako. woohoo!

Peyups for keeping me updated

....and of course, the Mighty Man Up There who keeps on teasing me but never gets tired of providing people to get me through. Haayy.

*my forn 5

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