Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Biking at Noon never a good idea. It's the hottest part of the day my goodness so do not freak out if you see your face in the mirror all burnt. Anyway, I realized two things about our recent trail biking:

1) I'm not ANY good at it.
2) But I liked it because If I ever fall from my bike, grasses and plants will catch me!

Last Saturday, Kimi, JC and I brave another round of biking in C5. Jeez. I still can't get over how trucks were driving inches away from us, it's still ringing in my ears. Katakot much! After meeting Ryan, we proceeded to the Fort's trail biking area. Let's just say (and JC will definitely approved) that I screamed, fell flat on mi face and walked most of the time. Watta achievement right? But we did have fun at least I did. Hehe. Now I know what it felt to be following and riding those steep and small trails. I would never wonder much about it now. It's HARD.

But maybe someday, when I'm better, I'll give it another try. Nyaha.


ponkan said...

kaya mo yun, onting practice pa! ;)

Marye said...

10,000 practices more!