Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Post!

My birthday was four days ago but it was only now that I got to post photos and update of what happened that day. I flew back to Manila and was still supposed to go to work but my TL said otherwise. So again, another VL for me. Such a long vacation I never want to get used to this. :D

Met JC at Trinoma at 7pm, picked up the cake at Conti's with Mitch and JC. Was blindfolded for a while (so embarassing!) but pleaded for it to be removed haha. Went to Makati, at Greenbelt. Spicy Fingers to be exact. That's when I realized we're probably gonna watch the same thing that Mitch and Ed watched some time ago: Comic Cartel. I LOVED IT. Kakaiba naman for this year. The comedians were so funny especially Tim Tayag and Mike Unson and that skinny Chinese guy whose name I forgot (sorry!).

Thanks a lot to everyone who came (parang andami no): Mitch, Kuya Leb, Kimi and of course, ang promotor, JC. At sa lahat din ng bumati through SMS, Facebook, Multiply and Gmail. xoxo

Flew solo again. Goodbye Mt. Mayon (though it was hidden behind thick clouds!)

Gorgeous cousins, Mitch and Kuya Leb.

Mga Cheesy! :D

Kimimay and Maryelogs

Goshdarnit. I'm. 25. So. Old. Yet. So. Young.


Yes Dumagan said...

ang kulet ng posts mo! :) i laveeeeeeeeet! :)

Marye said...

Nyahaha. Thanks Yessie dear! :D

ponkan said...

mike unson yun! at c stanley chi yun nakalimutan mo haha! :p

Marye said...

Edited Unson. Nope, it's not Stanley Chi. Yung naka-pink na Chinese yung tinutukoy ko.