Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Since office sanctions are currently driving everyone crazy and so downright boring, I am so glad I will leave all of this behind. Maybe two working days (and four vacation days) aren't enough but still, it is a vacation nonetheless.

I am looking forward to conversation with oldies, catching up with my blood relatives' story of lives, bumming in front of TV (thank goodness for cable), homecooked meals, clean and pollution-free air, rainy mornings, early wake-up calls, speaking the dialect, walking around the small town see if my favorite bookstore's still doing business and hopefully, bumping into old friends and classmates.

Can't wait.


atticus said...

heeeey. nice. bakasyon. have fun.

ponkan said...

happy birthday!!! :p

Marye said...

Thanks miss JJ!

POnkan ober ka na sa bati haha! :D