Thursday, June 26, 2008


haven't read a book for quite a while now and i'm missing it dearly. though i have this book na binabalik-balikan sa powerbooks shang, kahit yun hindi ko pa rin matapus-tapos. i dunno. lately ay tinatamad akong magkikilos. usually the stuffs i enjoy the most are the stuffs na hindi ko pinapansin ngayon. sure i was avoiding something lang.

as for other news, i still can't seem to get over the Celtics-Lakers match up. ayun, nanood pa ko ng replay kanina when i should've been sleeping way before. Game 4. Best game ever in the series. woot woot!

a big SIGH. Death Cab's having a concert in HK and of course, i can't watch. Helloooo. like that would even be an option to think about. Arrgggghhhh.

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