Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You 6995!

While rushing out of the house on my way to work, my housemate informed me that there's a mail waiting for me. I was curious, who could've sent me a mail? When I saw it, there's no doubt it was a card. Then suddenly it came back to me.


Back in January, my officemate told me about this guy (or girl) in Reddit who's giving away cards to anyone from anywhere in the world. I got so excited I immediately registered and made my own Reddit account, which frankly a site that I don't really quite understand haha.

I left him/her a message saying I'm interested along with my address to which he/she simply replied "sure!". I've quite forgotten about it already but when it finally came to me, boy was I ecstatic! It was such a simple gesture but I felt and sincerely appreciated the effort that this person have done - write a personal message to each and every card he/she sent to God knows where and God knows whom.

Yes, I will return the favor. In the form of a postcard though. I hope he/she likes it! So 6995, even if I've no idea if you're a boy or a girl, I want to let you know that you made today an awesome, awesome day.

Message inside

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