Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Step Up

Congratulations, Mariela.

We are very happy to see the success and the distance that you've achieved not only for yourself but for your team and process.

We look forward to all the future accomplishments and wins that still lay ahead of you.

Thank you for all that you do. It is clear to the team and to the supervisors how much you've grown in the role and how you've helped move it forward.

Keep up the good work. Am sure that between Glen, the POCs and the team you'll be kept real busy. Case you feel there's idle time, let me know. :)

The only person in the company who writes with color blue text is our OM. Na-touch ako hehe. Pati sa words of wisdom ng TL ko.

More than the salary increase (which is not really much but hey an increase is still an increase!) and shifting of role, I take more pride with the recognition of a job well done. That by simply doing my job, I make a lot of people - in this case, the higher ups - happy.

To repeat what I always tell my TL (during evals and meetings), I am not made with the same material as other leaders are, by good heavens I am not, but I will try my best to fulfill what is asked of me. Thank God for transition periods.

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