Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother's Garden: A Sanctuary Amidst the City

On my last day of vacation in Baguio, my friends and I went to Mother's Garden. My Baguio-based friend has been mentioning this place for quite some time and , as always, am eager to see it for myself. Any new place in Baguio, and there's a lot, is a must check out whenever I'm there.

True to what its site says, Mother's Garden indeed is your chunk of oasis smacked in the middle of the city.

This is the view waiting for anyone visiting Mother's Garden.

The area claims of self-sustenance - they plant and raise whatever they need. Mother's Garden also boasts of chemical-free produce that you can actually order in their Panorama Cafe upstairs. 

The kids and kidults alike had so much fun interacting with the animals. They have sheep, rabbits, pigeons, swines, pigs, mountain goats (because they do actually climb!), geese and a herd dog named Spots. In here, the animals with name are spared from being served as the food on your plate, the nameless ones are the not so lucky ones hehe.

Can you guess what this plant below is? It's an upright merlot lettuce! I was so fascinated with this plant I took a lot of photos!

Mother's Garden has rows of planted gardens where they grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and even strawberries that you can pick and eat. They also have a children's area where kids can run around and play to their heart's desire.

Strawberry fields forever

After the tour around the area, we went upstairs to Panorama Cafe and ordered some snacks for the kids. I wasn't able to take photos of the food because I was too busy hanging out with my godchild Kai Mykonos and another kyot baby named Cody, my friend Jill's son.

Everything is so peaceful in here. I could sit in the cafe and just gaze around, look at  the mountains and the greenery below, read a book while nibbling fresh salads on the side and sipping freshly made juice, and I wouldn't even know a day has passed.

Mother's Garden is located in Upper Fairview Road, Quezon Hill Proper, Baguio City. Directions on how to get there is on their website, look for it, it's quite helpful. :)

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