Tuesday, April 10, 2012


"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot..." #SMBaguio

I'm not a native of the north but I consider Baguio a home. I was 22 years late of meeting the country's summer capital but when I set foot naman, BONGGA. Going up to Baguio has always been a treat.

I have wonderful friends residing in Baguio making it more a dear city to me. I just came from Baguio myself during the Holy Week break to attend my godchild's first birthday.

From what I saw, Baguio is so polluted now. Most of it emitted by cars especially during holidays when so many tourists/vacationers troop to the mountains to escape the Manila heat.

But THIS is heartbreaking.

SM (Henry Sy!?!) still pushed through with its plans of cutting down pine trees in order to accommodate more spaces.

Capital gain speaks louder than environmental sustainability.

Say NO to cutting of pine trees.

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Rah said...

they paved paradise to put on a parking lot.