Sunday, April 22, 2012

Samgyeopsal Night

After a heartbreaking loss (St. James summer basketball league) and quite a long, not to add insanely hot, afternoon still ahead, the boys had a brilliant idea of cooking and eating their pain away. Hence, a Korean night or more specifically samgyeopsal night was born.

There are tons of Korean supermarkets along Kalayaan so it was pretty easy to pick out the stuff that we needed. I tagged along with JC and Marvin who did the grocery shopping (and cooking too!).

It was my first time inside a Korean supermarket. I always see one but I never had the curiosity to step inside probably because I'm not much of a Korean dish person.

various Korean instant noodles

Here's the samgyeopsal meat cut that we needed  but since this is quite on the expensive side we opted for an alternative meat cut from Eunilaine. We bought 2 kilos worth of meat, 7 bags of lettuces, 8 onion springs, Korean tomato paste, ready-to-eat kimchi, sesame oil, 2 bags of Kopiko for iced coffee, other condiments and utensils.

I rinsed the lettuce leaves while the boys did the cooking and salad preparations.

After a few hours and angry bellows from hungry boys downstairs, here's our small feast.

The we-just-lost-pose-but-we're-gonna-have-a-feast-anyway.

When bellies were satisfied and full, Marvin insisted that we all had a round of drinks of these Chamisul. The Fresh labeled bottle is for ladies as it is not as strong as Original. Still, I didn't like its taste. Too strong!

We had a toast for a better game play next Sunday despite the absence of a few key players. Aja '02 boys!

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