Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Friday Lunch at Camp John Hay Clubhouse

My no-meat-on-lent little sacrifice got instantly dismissed the moment I set foot in Baguio City. The mother of my host friend, Tita Babeth, offered us pandesals, omelettes and tapas for breaksfast. How can you not refuse that?

After a few hours my friend Juraine, who quickly answered after my woe call, came to Green Valley to rescue me amidst the hullaballoo of relatives united by a forthcoming event. I love the Lolargas and the Fernandezes but during that moment, I thought I shouldn't get in the way.

My friend Kimi, the mother of my kyot godchild who just turned one, also came with us. Good thing there's so many people in the house so there's really no shortage of people looking out for the baby and the visitors.

We looked for a place where I can stay for the night since for the first time I won't be staying in Kimi's place. The places we saw are either depressingly expensive or just plainly depressing.

So we decided to eat first. Or rather Kimi and I ate while Juraine took a bath in Camp John Hay Clubhouse (her family's a club member).

Kimi ordered fish and chips while I ordered a sinful Japanese styled baby back ribs. I'm sorry Jesus :(

the menu

Japanese Styled Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

After lunch, we headed back town to again look for my place to crash. We found Upstairs Bed & Bath located at Leonard Wood Road where I took a top bunk bed on their dorm-type room because it was 50 pesos less than when taking a lower bunk bed. 

Upstairs Bed & Bath did it for me not only because it's cheap but because the place was pretty new  (the towels are crisp white and carpet so plush), it's prime location (just behind Barrio Fiesta which is in front of SM, near enough Session Road), hot shower in a squeaky clean bathroom and the friendly and courteous staff . 

I definitely will recommend this place to friends if they ever find themselves looking for a place to stay in Baguio. 

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