Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Charlie's Grill on a Tuesday Night

Dahil flop ang supposedly 120-peso Chili's burger night sa Greenhills (daming taong naghihintay sa labas exagg!), umuwi na lang kami ni JC at kumain sa kapitbahay na Charlie's Grill.

I finally got to try the newest addition to Charlie's Grill's ever expanding menu: corn dogs! I got a little story to insert here. When I saw the corndog photo on their fb page, I immediately tweeted about it. Guess what? Charlie's Grill's twitter account retweeted it. Squee kahit waley lang.

These are the mini corn dogs which smelled really good. I ordered it sans the fries which costs 135 pesos.

While JC had the Charlie's Chicago snap dawg. When the orders came natawa ko, ang haba ng snap dawg including the pickles haha!

Pina-pose ko muna kahit gutom na

This. This choco milkshake was the highlight of the night though. Before, whenever I try to order milkshake in Charlie's they always say it's not available so I was disheartened every time.

But tonight, my milkshake opportunity finally came and it was sooooo worth it. OMG after one sip I can't wipe the smile off my face. Lumiwanag bigla ang buhay haha. It was that good, swear.

Next time I'll try the other flavors naman.

cherry on the top

When I got home, I immediately tweeted about the experience along with photo of the corn dogs to which Charlie's Grill twitter account replied:

Anytime kapitbahay, anytime.

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