Thursday, March 23, 2006

the story of the one who was left behind

This is not the first time that i admitted i have been missing an awful lot of actions lately. Well, blame it to the poor academic standing, SA work, family responsibilities and personal routines. I have been left way,way behind in all the news, worthy or not, i rarely see my friends/orgmates, i have been neglecting the readings screaming their lungs out for me to take a look at them and for the nth time, I flunked the M subject. Enough. It's another story to tell that I am not going to share in the near future.

OK. Back to the topic. And so in this way, what i really wanted to say is that even if most of the times I am the closest thing to being a holy ghost, kj, busybee,penniless, etc., my thoughts are with you guys (naks sa drama ampoohtek!). Hindi madaling mapag-iwanan and i guess that's gotta be one of the worst feelings in the world. But then, we all have our reasons, so are you. So, adding to the fact that my thoughts are with you nga (haha!),my sympathies (tama ba spelling ko?!) are of course, with you!Syempre, mga kaibigan ko kayo at mahal ko kayo kahit na hindi ko na memorize mga schedule nyo at wala na kong track of records ng latest crushes and kalokohans nyo. :)

So, sa lahat ng dumaranas ng paghihirap maging ito man ay tungkol sa exams, papers, meeting deadlines, lovelifes, thesis, pimples, dementia, families, mean girls, mean boys, friendships, foodies, body system, celestial impacts or world mariela ay si mariela. one text/email/call away lang. do remember that. As for my perpetual absence in almost everything, you can do the deductions (cos i'm no way good at it!) And oh, i still love Ping Medina. He's the closest thing that i could picture beside the word adoration. Tsktsk. Talk about dementia.

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