Thursday, March 30, 2006

Where do I go from here?

As my second semester (and an almost normal life) officially ends today, i can't help but compared what i felt on my first day in school from a new house to my last day in school, still from the same house. It was a weird feeling. Probably reality's way to let everything sink in on me and wake me up from my long reverie. Even though it's such a shame to admit it in here (where God knows who else reads this crap anyway), in a way it can probably do me good. How ironic, that almost 3 years ago, on my way to school, I was crying because everything that was happening to me then was SO not fair. The moving, the financial issues and the new life. Earlier, on my way to school, I was crying because once again my life is about to completely change. I wasn't really sad or anything because of what was about to happen to me, i am more worried of what will become of me after this.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Life in house is madness. It's getting too chaotic there now that people are having a hard time mulling their own thoughts. Decisions are being made left and right, and I guess, I can't blame anyone of their reactions to this and that. So the news definitely caught us (me) unprepared, but i had no bad feelings or anything. How could I in the first place. And then, there was my tita's incident a couple of nights ago. She really needs to rest more often cos if she don't, she'd better find a new mother for her kids SOON!
As for my academic life. oh well, oh well. This semester is what I call mediocre sem. I could have done better, but I did not. I could have done more, but i did not. So, don't expect anything good about me this sem. I'm just glad it's now over.
Friends,i gotta say this: I am now officially behind. Although I've catched up for a while, everything came back to its places when I heard news of this-and-that and so-and-so that my mind simply gave up. What can I say? That's probably what you get when you love turtles a lot. haha.
Speaking of reptiles, I have another bad news not concerning the reptile species though. Our belove Pingping died last tuesday. While I was eating dinner, I noticed that only two fishes are swimming in the aquarium: there's no Pingping in sight! Gasp. I actually did panic that I asked my 3 year old cousin to go check if Pingping was just inside the well (they have a well inside the aquarium). Nada. Nil. Good thing my cousin did not see him lifeless because if he ever did, two dorks would be crying by then. Again. wherever do fishes go when they die, I hope there's water there.

I don't know where to put my story with juraine but i'm pretty sure that I don't want her there in the Unfortunate events (it was already awfully unfortunate). I'd like to relieve the happier days we had when she was here in Diliman. I know that she knows how happy she made me when she gave me copies of OTH in CDs. Though there were mishaps, they were minor enough to affect me. Besides, whatever she failed to give me, she gladly replaced. Our (Kimi and I) short moments with her definitely rocked. HAha! Love you fishy-fishy appel!

(the pix above was taken and given to me by kimi who unabashedly called me a technomoron!Suits me just fine. Juraine said to take a picture of me because I was on my darndest giddy moments and everything was just something that happens very often to me. See? I am such a boring creature.)

So what now? The thing that I am absolutely sure is what would happen to me in the coming days. It'll fonna be a heck of rollercoaster ride, rainy days, gloomy and sad me. That I'm sure. Wherever my destiny brings me in the next 60 days, I wish for strength and humor for me to take everything well despite future hardships. And I do hope that someday, somebody would answer when they hear a knock on their door, cos who knows, it's probably gonna be me.

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