Wednesday, March 08, 2006

tales outside the bed

yep,after spending almost 4 days in the dark (well,not really literally but very close), burning like a freaking caserole, i am finally battling the last very bad bacterias. hmmm.yesterday went good because i was actually expecting another comeback of the annoying fever. but luckily, it did not. thank God my army inside are still working despite everything. So whatever language you understand, i hope you'll understand thank you though.
once again, while i was getting in and out of my consciousness, i realized that grandmothers are reall, really a wonderful creation of God. that no matter how annoying they can get for most of the times, at the end of the day, they're still the one giving you the milo, skyflakes and everything. i was really grateful for her of that.:)

because of the darn sickness, i missed being a canvasser for the election yesterday, but at least i'm sane enough not to compromise a health that isn't even better yet. and hey, i know i made SOMEONE very happy about quitting at the last minute, so i'm already good about that. wink,wink.

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