Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yesterday,after walking under the freaking sun along EDSA on my way to a certain mall to pamper myself (because it's a Wednesday after all), two women ahead me kept on looking at something beside the paneled glass (still overlooking the sidewalk). Of course,my curiosity got the best of me and so i found out for myself what could make this two women to stop and stare at something. And there behind the not-so-green plants are two (one boy and one girl) nine-ish or ten-ish kids smoking two different cigarettes simultaneously. My Golly (as what Ma'am Monsod always say)! I don't know what to feel or even care to think of what i saw. Probably it was so disheartening that i really didn't thought of anything else. If these same kids are what Jose Rizal have envisioned of as the savior of the Motherland, then I'm sure he probably can't stop fidgeting in his grave right now. I don't know. I'm not being righteous or anything, but this, this are the kind of kids we should actually be nurturing inside a warm home, educating inside a classroom. Not in the streets were everything they see, smell and hear gets into their system. Forget the freaking rightness or wrongness. But of course, all i can do is watch in silence and shockness as to what this kids can do more than i can do in my entire life. But then again, most of us choose not to do anything at all. What, if you may ask I can do? I could have done something better than to stare at them. But like what most does, i am probably the lesser one because i choose to be ignorant amidst everything that is happening around me. Maybe someday, i could really justify the bliss in being ignorant, but not now. Definitely not.

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