Thursday, March 16, 2006

Never Gone

Two weeks ago, i noticed that i was missing my ID. Freaking mother of Eve, it's my ID! It's not something i lose because i've never lost it before in my entire UP life. But apparently I did. After turning my things inside out and still not finding any beaten ID,i just stopped looking for it. The problem with me is I have this ongoing memory-recalling-incapabilities (whut??).Whatever. Sometimes i forget things that i have just seen or heard, thank goodness this does not always happen or else I'm in for very bad things to come.

But I gotta cut the crap now because I never enjoyed the subject of dwelling on things I lost. Because I never lost it in the first place. Or something like that. A few hours ago, a classmate asked me if i have lost my ID and of course i answered yes. He told me that i left it in PopI lab. And then everything came back to me. Darn, darn. See? Me and my failing memory. I was so happy i probably have shooked the guy harder than I intended to do. Oh well. Happiness!!!

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