Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Power-grab-books: The ooh-la-la Edition

Last week, a friend called me in our house, since she cannot reach me through my phone to tell me this amazing news again that made me wanna go jump around in circles. It’s a Powerbooks sale! It only shows how much she knows about me when it comes to books and book sales for that. I really wanted to scream because of joy of the news that she brought me but of course, I obviously cannot do that. If you may remember, when NBS had their own warehouse sale, I wasn’t able to make it, first: because it was held on a weekend and second: it was such a short notice. So she ended up buying the books I really wanted. Goodie! It was such a catch that I swore, I wouldn’t let this Powerbooks sale pass up. So, I went there last Monday (I cut my duty short because of this!) to see for myself what wonders a sale can give me this time. Indeed, it was such catch that I had a hard time picking up the right books and the books that I really wanted. Although, it was a bit disappointing because of the fact that the books I am dying to have are only 20% off. Tough luck. It was still expensive for that matter so I contented myself by fishing other good books in the really “bagsak presyo” part. And here’s my purchase:

1) Man Camp by Adrienne Brodeur. Hardbound. Original price: PhP 1075.00 , bought it for PhP 79.00
2) Carlottas Kittens and the Club of Mysteries by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Hardbound. OP- PhP 759, bought it for PhP 39.00
3) Like Water in Wild Places by Pamela Jooste. Paperback. OP-PhP 519.00, got it for PhP 49.00
4) Angel’s Crest by Leslie Schwartz. Paperback. OP- PhP 569.00, got this for PhP 49.00 also.
5) Trick of the Mind by Judy Waite. Hardbound. OP-PhP 689.00, got this for PhP 49.00 too!

All in all, the total cost should have been PhP 3611.00! My golly! You wouldn’t caught me buying things with that price. But I got everything of those for only 265-freaking-pesos! And this are all BRAND NEW books (I even got mine still in plastics!). Definitely I’ll come back because I still have my eye on that HP6 they are selling for 499 only and Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue (I’m still raising the money..haha!)

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