Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Yakimix Treat

After months of waiting (to which we almost gave up of ever pushing through), we finally had our much deserved treat. Thanks to the great minds behind the DYO project we won something called the President's Award, whatever that is haha.

Thank you, thank you! 

I heard some of the boys in our team had a sashimi feast that'll probably shame a Japanese in a Japanese restaurant lol. Good job, at least masulit man lang sainyo ang hindi namin magawa haha.

Photos of team/teammates

There were so many dishes to choose from but I generally steered away from the sushi section because rice will have my belly feeling full in no time so I attacked the bacon and other ready-to-grill meats. I was a bit disappointed though that their choices of bacon wrapped into anything is sooo limited. Pero okay lang, choosy pa ko?!

Their salad was surprisingly good, I drowned it in blueberry dressing just because it was something new for me. Win!

Feast buffet!

Dessert table has a wide array of choices. There were mini cheesecakes, macaroons, brownies, cupcakes, mango sago, halo-halo (which I didn't get to try), ice cream, crepe (my personal favorite!) and tiramisu (or was it mousse?). Not sure. Pastries come in tiny servings, tamang pamutat lang talaga para walang masayang di ba.

Some photos of the desserts. There were a lot more!

Again, congratulations team for the award. We so deserve this treat *insert evil laugh*!

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