Sunday, March 18, 2012

Despedida Lunch at RUB Ribs & BBQ

So many work-related things happened this week and everybody needs a breather so we all agreed to have our lunch at one of our favorite Kapitolyo restos, RUB Ribs & BBQ! We are such frequenters in this resto, especially my friend Ten to a point I kid her of being a stockholder already :))

Although it's already past lunch time when we got there, the place was still packed! Luckily there was an available table waiting for us so we immediately sat and ordered. We were all surprised to find that they finally replaced their old plastic menus for brand spankin' new ones.

Brand new RUB menu 


We ordered the usuals: Family Brunch with Sprice as our sides. We are hungreh!

Then we added an order of Buffalo wings...

and Onion Rings!

I mentioned in the title of this post about a Despedida. It was our beloved Chip's last day in the office, hence the Despedida lunch (and later a Despedida dinner and Despedida one rounds - but I will save this for a different post). It was definitely sad to see my oldest friend in Brady leave our company but my excitement and happiness for his new career path outweighs the sadness. All of us will surely miss the banterings, green jokes, one night rounds, food trips and behind-the-back chismis buuut we know he'll be in a better (and more financially stable haha) place so no need to be so glum about it.

We will miss you  but we'll see you in SG, Chip!

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