Monday, March 12, 2012

Share Tea: New Milk Tea Spot in Kapitolyo

While walking on my way home from PC area, I saw this fairly new milk tea shop strategically situated on the groundfloor area of D Ace Plaza. In my head, I was counting all the milk tea shops we currently have in Kapitolyo/Pioneer area. There's Chatime, Cha Dao, Moonleaf and now, this.

Interiors of Share Tea Shop

Even though it was a work night the place was filled and from the looks of it, most of them probably also live somewhere nearby (you know, pambahay vibes ba).

Share Tea menu

There was so many to choose from but I opted to go for one of their bestsellers - Taiwan Pearl Milk Tea. At the counter they even let me sign up in a guest book for a loyalty card. Another card to fill with stamps, ha!

Now this part I don't really know how to explain. The taste. Well, for me it tastes like any other milk teas that I've tried haha. Forgive me, my ability of putting into words the quality of food and drinks are very limited. Kaya nga I can never be a food critic because my descriptions would mostly play around delicious and not delicious (pwede ring terrible!), tastes like ___, okay naman ang lasa and the likes. I'm pretty sure no one will like that. I won't either!

Taiwan Pearl Milk Tea: one of Share Tea's bestsellers.

 So last Friday night, after a pretty loooong day at work, along with two of my friends in the office, we trooped to Share Tea so they could also experience it (after all the word share is there).

Photo nicked from Ten Medina's Facebook account hihi
This time I ordered (what I swore to try next time I come to the store): Rock Salt Cheese with Green Tea which tastes heavily of green tea (naturally, hee).

Rock Salt Cheese goodness

If you want to have a taste of authentic tea drinks from Taiwan, swing by to Share Tea Shop located at D Ace Plaza, Pioneer, Pasig. They also have another branch at Wilson Street in San Juan.

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