Monday, March 19, 2012

Despedida Dinner and One Round

So here's the promised continuation of Chip's series of despedida parties haha. Joke. Simpleng kainan at get together lang ang naganap. We went back to Brooklyn Pizza, ordered the same old goodness of pizza, pasta and buffalo wings. 

We might seem to order the same thing over and over again but trust us, that's because they're really good! Especially the white pizza. Words cannot convey how much I love Brooklyn's White Pizza.

Pasta Pomodoro

 Buffalo Wings

 The lovey doveys


I love you white pizza!

We were supposed to have our drink at Citizen Pub but it was already packed with the only available table right next to noisy (probably) college kids so we went to Home Depot area to look for some pretty cozy and not too noisy place. Luckily we found this.

They decided to order 2 pitchers of Singapore Sling which tastes a lot like plastic balloon for me hahaha. I am such a boring drinker I only had a few sips of these.

Singapore Sling and Cerveza Negra

 Goofing time

I seriously will miss you Chip. So long!

We did a round of "message for Chip" which eventually wound up to more reminiscing. No room for tears, magkikita-kita pa rin naman tayo, if not now, maybe tomorrow. Ang cheesy eep.


Regina Macapinlac said...

Napansin ko baliktad yung sweater ko sa pic nating girls sa Brooklyn :))

Marye said...

Okay lang yan, ikaw lang din nakapansin haha!