Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mercado sa Barangay Kapitolyo

As if the ever growing number of restaurants in buzzing Kapitolyo aren't enough, here comes another food destination to look forward to - night market! Following the footsteps of Mercato Centrale, our neighborhood just upgraded and brought their own version of night market. My office friends came upon Mercado sa Kapitolyo through sheer coincidence (after we unwillingly left Share Tea because the store was about to close) but we ended up having fun checking and trying out foods that were being sold.

Mercado sa Kapitolyo

They had giant pizzas that reminds me a lot of Sbarro's. We bought one slice and divided it amongst us. We also bought Pasta Negra which was really GOOD! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch a photo of it since my phone camera has a terrible quality on low light setting hee.

 This all thing crispy offerings caught my eye.

It was only their first day (erm night?) so a lot of things, such as extra tables & chairs, absence of trash cans and the likes, are still amiss. Maybe on their second night they'll have it run more smoothly. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Sayang naman kasi kung di maging successful. 

MedChef also sells mini cakes on Mercato Centrale. We didn't meet the chef cos he was probably  there! 

Nice plating you have there

I hope this night market becomes a regular thing in Kapitolyo, not only will it draw more people and jobs, it would also be a really good opportunity for all - homemakers, chefs, cooks, etc. - to showcase their talents, be known for it, and of course, earn from it.

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maychan said...

see you Fridays! definitely a must-try.. affordable but equally mouth-watering food choices!