Monday, January 18, 2010

Whip It

Ellen Page is so purdy. Loved her as Juno, Vanessa and now, Bliss Cavendar.

A screencap from the movie. Bliss and Oliver on a date with a cute wall doodle, nevermind the guy with the mohawk.

I like their roller derby names: Babe Ruthless. Iron Maven. Smashley Simpson. Bloody Holly. There was even a girl who auditioned that will be Jabba the Slut once she gets in. Cool.

I like their coach too, Razor. He's absolutely adorable as a coach!

For a moment Bodeen didn't sound sleepy and boring at all. Bluebonnett beauty pageant. Squealer. Jammer. Stryper. Etc.

Whip It belongs to my 2009 top movies because, well, it is a totally refreshing and one swell film. :)

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